You around just pull it off oh yeah exactly and i mean you saw how quick and easy it was to do that but again you've got it onto its stamen now and i'm just going to start manipulating again because while you've got it on there in that form this is what you can do with them you literally just have a little plane so you're happy with it and i'm really happy with that one ben so that is really beautiful and again a christmas rose in yellow would that be right because traditionally normally it would be in white maybe but again you this is what you can do you have a little play around with them and let's put a poinsettia together let's get a little poinsettia going off there so again i'm going to bring in let's go in with the smallest ones that i've already pre-done and again look at this if we talk about these the surface area it's only a small one again so you make sure you go into the center of these the center spread those out hit into the center take your time you're not in a rush with these um you know you you're in control of this but you just need to spread each one out and then go back into that center again so take that time to be able to make sure you're hitting that center and that way you'll be assured that you are not going to tear or rip your artificial flowers shop brilliant um loads of stuff flying out just a quick um heads up is that if you're going for the spring flower forming collection uh we're down to the final few of these seriously into single figures if you want to get that.

Artificial Flowers Or Plastic flower

If you've got that in your basket uh get it checked out now because that will go and don't forget keep commenting get in touch with us uh let us know what you're up to this easter sunday what you've been how many easter eggs you eating how many chocolates you that's what i want to know who's the most easter eggs who's stuffed in the most easter eggs already today i'm hoping i've got some when i get home we've not we've not had any have you had any easter eggs from home debbie or anything no no we don't do easter well i don't do easter eggs anyway so but no i haven't said no no no no such luck well that's not what you've been doing anyway if you had an easter treat so i always love to have at easter time as a little treat.


Sherry trifle my mom always used to make it easter oh sherry trifle delicious oh yes delicious delicious older trifle right so i've got my two little artificial flowers shop already there so let's just pop those on now let's have a little um let's have a little we'll have a little plaque here so let me just pop a little bit of glue just onto the back and then we'll pop this on a little ribbon i probably would cover that back over with another piece just to make it nice and neat however um i've got lots of other little features here as oh look i forgot i did it oh i forgot to add me green oh do you know what you're not done i forgot to put my green on me poinsettia here's one i did earlier aha here's one i did earlier with my green age bits but we'll pop these on so i'm just going to trim off and again you could add a bit.