Feature uh if you want to do that bubble feature just turn them over and create a different effect just remember though you've got a smaller surface area so make sure you go in that center um you can tweak you can mess around with them you can have a play with them so you can go in one cup one bubble and you create a lovely little effect straight away so this is all about having a play yes we're giving them names that you can create your beautiful florals with but the way that you're gonna be able to use these ben means that you've got multiple ways multiple different artificial flowers it almost looks like a daffodil or this one too they're all named yeah various flowers.

Flower Making Special 

You can make them whatever artificial flowers you want them to be yeah absolutely you know I mean I've never seen Christmas rules have you been uh if i've seen one i didn't know that I had you know what I mean I know our points i know I know a poinsettia but no I don't think I saw I've ever seen a Christmas rose johnny producer he said the only Christmas roses he's ever seen are the ones that come in the boxes that you eat the chocolate what you like we have quality streets at Christmas in our house not roasted the quality street the posh ones are they are quality squirty streets that's why I have them then in it that's why you know that's why you're on the roses johnny [Laughter] right so I'm just moving to maneuver this around again.

Gorgeous Paper Flower Bouquet

Just keep poking through make sure you've got it right in the center of each single one depending on the size of the flower but depending on the surface area in the middle and it does make a difference making sure you get through the center and that's what can make the difference with your artificial flowers breakage if that makes any sense ben but again i've just i'm just going to spread it out because i'm quite happy with that one i think that's really quite pretty i could carry on but i've got another enough there to make another one so and that's what we'll do in a minute so what we're just going to do look static again it does happen so you're not alone but you just pop that off and it's fine uh but what i'm going to do now is put a stem in through the middle of this one so again i've got loads already pre-made what can you do to get the static off your ends i mean can you put like powder on your face you could put a bit uh like a bit of talcum powder on your hands but would you do that when you when you're crafting i mean is that something that you would do i don't know just asking the question well you never know there might be some people out there that all tell us you know what do you need to get static off your fingers at home let us know do you use talcum powder what do you do i don't know it's not the end of the world is it if it sticks