Registering a company can be as difficult as searching for the idea of the business in the market but if you have complete information then registering the company is as simple as eating ice cream and after the Made in India initiative it is getting easier to register a company in India. Also, there are many good reasons why you should choose a private limited company.

There are simple steps that are to be followed to register the company online similarly as offline. Registration in Delhi is a very difficult process whereas online registration is easier as there are some easy steps which are to be followed  for getting four different certificates that are DIN or Director Identification Number, DSC or Digital Signature Certificate, after this, the businessman is required to fill the e-form and then apply for the registration of the company:

In the first step which is to be followed is that the company is required to take the Director Identification Number that refers to the identification number of each director separately which is received under the amendment act 2006 which made compulsory for every director to have the DIN. For this number, the directors are required to file DIN1 form which is available online on the website.




One should register himself on the MCA website and then create a login ID by which the businessman can submit the documents and forms online.

The businessman should then choose the option of uploading the e-form and after uploading the form, paying the applicable fees.

After the director identification number of every director, the director should then intimate their company with the DIN by using the DIN-2 Form along with the DIN number receiving the proof.

After this only the company should apply for the Registrar of corporate or ROC which is a way in which all the directors will be registered, which can be done with the help of the DIN-3 Form.

In order to get complete safety on the documents which are filled online, the company should acquire a digital signature certificate under the Electronic the information act 2000. This is the only safest way through which one can submit their documents electronically. This should be appointed by the controller of certification agencies. All others would be considered a false one.

One should apply for the private limited company registration in which the things like Incorporating company name, Registering the office address or notice for appointment of the directors, Managers and secretary and the information about the shares of the company for which Form-1A,18,32 is to be filled by the company

After submitting the required forms and approval of an application by MCA, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the application for incorporation of a new company, and the status of the form will be changed to Approved. There are mainly three types of private limited companies with some minor differences, you can choose any of them. 


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