Motherboard is a key issue of the pc, performs a essential position inside the the laptop. If the board have issues and it will have an effect on the complete PC computer system work. Here we check the most common motherboard faults which all through we use our computers.

Fault 1: no display boot

Computer boots no show, we need to test the BIOS. Motherboard BIOS store crucial statistics of the hardware, even as BIOS is the more inclined part of the motherboard, effortlessly be damaged, if damaged will reason the device to no longer run. This failure is generally due to the fact the motherboard BIOS broken through CIH virus (of route now not rule out motherboard failure resulting device cannot run itself).In trendy, after the virus destroyed BIOS tough force records will be misplaced. So we can discover the tough disk statistics to determine whether or not the good BIOS is damaged. If the difficult disk facts intact, so there are three motives why no display boot phenomenon:

Because the motherboard has growth slot or expansion card issues, Board did no longer reply to show when plug in growth card, together with sound playing cards, and so forth.The CPU frequency settings within the CMOS at

motherboard Free cord jumper does now not proper, can also lead to no-display fault. In this regard, fault can be resolved so long as the clean CMOS. Clear CMOS jumper is within the area of the Main Board of the lithium battery. The default region is typically 1,2 short, just trade it to 2,three quick jump, a few seconds you could remedy the trouble. If customers can not find the jumper of previous antique board, just eliminate the battery, input the CMOS settings to be displayed and boot off, then install the battery also reached the CMOS battery discharge purposes.

Three. Motherboard does not apprehend the memory, reminiscence corruption or reminiscence does not suit will result in no show boot failure. Some of the vintage board more selective memory, Once plugged inside the reminiscence that the motherboard does no longer apprehend, motherboard will now not start, and even some motherboards do no longer give you any fault recommendations (tweet). Sometimes of course, to extend the memory to improve device overall performance, plugging different manufacturers, types of memory also can reason any such failure happens, so protection must pay more attention.

When the motherboard BIOS is broken, we are able to plug in ISA card to look whether or not the display (if triggered, can endorse these steps.), If there's no boot display, you could make a floppy disk routinely update your BIOS, refresh BIOS, however some motherboard BIOS is broken, the floppy drive certainly does not paintings, then, try to use hot-plug approach to resolve(I have attempted, so long as the equal BIOS, the motherboard in the same magnificence may be a hit write). But the usage of warm-plug addition to want the same BIOS might also damage a few gadgets of the board, so a dependable method is to use a write code device to write the BIOS replace document within the BIOS.

Fault 2: CMOS settings can't be saved

Such disasters are usually because of insufficient battery voltage of motherboard, which may be changed to resolve the trouble, but some motherboards can't resolve the same trouble after converting the battery, then there are  possibilities:

Motherboard circuit troubles, which ought to look for professional provider;

Motherboard CMOS jumper trouble, Sometimes because of incorrectly set the CMOS jumper at the motherboard clean alternative, or set to an outside battery, making CMOS statistics can not be saved.

Fault three: In Windows, after putting in the motherboard CD-ROM driver, cause the phenomenon of crash or gradual down examine the disks.

In a few no-name. yourselfideal motherboard can every so often be the sort of phenomenon. After putting in the motherboard drivers, restart the pc cannot input the Windows 98 computing device, and that the motive force under Windows 98 can't be uninstalled. If this happens, it's miles advocated to re-find the present day drivers and established, the trouble may be solved generally, if it isn't always, can simplest re-install the device..

Fault four: When putting in Windows, or start the Windows mouse is not to be had

Reason for this failure of the software program is generally brought about due CMOS settings incorrect. Power management settings in the CMOS subject has a modem use IRQ venture, his alternatives were three,four,5..., NA, usually it is the default choice is 3, set it to three items can smash away.

Fault five: Frequent pc crashes, freezes arise throughout the CMOS settings.

Phenomenon came about in crashes inside the CMOS, typically the motherboard or CPU trouble, ought to the failure through the subsequent approach does now not remedy, it may most effective update the motherboard or CPU.

This failure became because of board Cache fashionable problems or horrific motherboard design warmness, I had already determined due to cooling is not accurate enough to bring about the failure phenomenon in the 815EP motherboard. After the Death Touch CPU motherboard components around, and observed that the temperature may be very warm. After replacing the high-power fans, crash disasters can be resolved. Cache issues for failure, we will enter the CMOS settings, you may achieve success after the Cache ban, of path, Cache ban will honestly have an effect on the rate. Fault 6: board COM port or parallel port, IDE port failure

This failure is usually because of consumer hot plug associated hardware. At this time person can use the multipurpose card to update. However before update must be prohibited the COM port and the parallel port at the motherboard (a few motherboards with IDE port to be banned for correct use).