There is nothing wrong with changing the gas of a turbocharged car. This is because turbocharging only increases the amount of intake air by applying pressure. No matter whether it is burning oil or gas, it will not have a direct impact on the turbine.

The essence of changing the gas is to save costs. If you run a distance of more than 10,000 kilometers a year, it is suitable to change the gas, and you need to consider carefully if it is less than 10,000 kilometers. The spark plugs are always replaced, and the power will be reduced. A little bit.

Many people are afraid that there will be problems with the turbocharger's gas change, mainly because the natural gas is unstable and explodes during the use of turbocharging.

In fact, turbocharging is nothing more than a large amount of air intake. Natural gas will naturally be added more. It is just that the combustion in the engine itself is an explosive process, which does not matter. The actual modification has also confirmed It is safe to change from turbocharging to gas, so don't worry.

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