Rose is one of the most terrifying opponents in this game version. Compared with some famous opponents in the game, the power and evil of chairman Rose are what players hate most. He has many ways to make trouble. Dangerous behaviors such as Giovanni, Maxie, and Archiede often have a way to control the situation. But Rose seems unstoppable?

Rose will be the Galar League Chairman, and also the runner from the Champion Cup. He is a fashionable strong advocate for Dynamax and Gigantmax battling styles, and that he has encouraged all Gym Leaders to put their Gyms over Power Spots. The only Gym Leader to resist this request is Sword and Shield's Dark Gym Leader Piers. Rose helps search out potentially talented trainers, endorsing these to compete inside Champion Cup. This would be the case while using the player's character and Hop at the start of the series. How much do you want to meet Shiny Pokemon, how do you not want to meet Rose!

While Chairman Rose appears non-assuming and charismatic to first-time players of Sword and Shield, because of this he is a real terrifying villain. He has the opportunity to convince others to complete what he desires using his charming nature and persuasion. He is seen repeating this with Leon many times if the Champion efforts to stop Rose's plans because they start to unfold. Rose doesn't have mercy for people who won't do as they desire, that is seen with how he manipulates Bede into collecting Wishing Stars for him.

Pokémon villains will often be scary, not as they are powerful or cruel, but since the goals, they have got are something they passionately trust. Chairman Rose's goal is always to prevent a prospective energy crisis 1,000 years from the future. He genuinely believes he could be the only one that happens to be able to stop the Galar region from collapsing and is also willing to complete anything and pay any price to make certain he can stop it. One of Rose's biggest downfalls eventually ends up being their own ego. He believes his or her own will and will be enough to master the Legendary Pokémon Eternatus, who could be the source from the Galar Particles found in Dynamax and Gigantamax.

Thankfully, after Rose is forced to change himself to the Galar police officers, Leon assumes the role of Chairman. He helps establish the Battle Tower and Sword and Shield's Galarian Star Tournament. Unlike Rose, Leon is kind, empathetic, and devoted to creating new opportunities for trainers. He uses his influence because New Chairman to make new challenges for the greatest trainers in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and open doors for trainers just starting on the journeys, making an effort to mend the damages due to Rose's villainous actions.

The difficulty of defeating Rose is imaginable! Then Buy Shiny Pokemon, choose the pokemon you want most and train them strong enough, and then try to win the championship!