In the time of this pandemic situation of Covid-19, everyone is giving importance to social distancing. It has made our lives so monotonous that even the parties and events now seems dull and boring.  To add some spark to the boring parties, we need something that can engage our guests and make our event entertaining. So, it is our prime responsibility to give a safe environment to our clients as well as fulfill their wishes, but how? Keeping this in mind, with the use of latest technology, we have come up with a new innovation – A hands free photo booth. As its name sounds, it is totally contactless and does not need to touch the screen to start the photo booth. 

Brief Overview of Contactless Photo Booth

A contactless photo booth is completely touchless photo booth which runs through a QR code. Users have to register themselves online only once through their own smart phones. After registration, a QR code is generated, which user can scan and start the booth without touching the screen or any button of the booth and get their pictures clicked. It provides you safe environment without any fear of spreading germs and sanitization and you can enjoy the event as before.

Contactless Photo Booth additionally comes with many other rich features like:

  1. It is easy to register and use contactless booth. 
  2. It is an open Air Photo Booth which can fit anywhere. It is simple to set up and dement again.
  3. It comes with a latest DSLR Camera, which gives you clear and best quality pictures.
  4. It gives you the option to choose the mode of sending the pictures at the time of registration. You can select whether you want to receive your pictures directly on your mail or on phone.
  5. No physical props are used in this booth. It permits your guests to use digital props and choose different filters in the safe environment. 
  6. It is embedded with multiple email support which allows groups of guests to register multiple email addresses against a single QR code for fast group sharing. 
  7. It allows you to pass text variables to set the name of downloaded file or folder. 
  8. It comes with a wide gallery of endless themes, which a user can use while clicking the pictures. 
  9. Allow your guests to preselect their overlay and background choices at the time of registration. They can use it when they come to click the pictures.
  10. It is not just a vending photo booth, it is an example of innovative machine.

Whether you are planning for any birthday party, baby showering celebration, wedding celebration or organizing any corporate event in this situation of safety and hygiene, contactless photo booth is a perfect solution to entertain your guests and suits every event. A Contactless Photo Booth Rental Company can make your event successful by providing numerous innovative ideas without making a hole in your pocket and best implementation and support. Call us today for your queries and requirements.


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