Trees are a blessing of God. Greenery adds beauty and smoothness to the environment. Plants and trees are planted everywhere. They let out fresh oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Campaigns are run in schools and organizations. Many political parties also keep planting trees in their manifesto. 

On the one hand, people are encouraged to grow trees and make the environment a clean place. However, on the other hand, it is the need of the hour to make the paper industry work. 

There is a long cycle to make paper from wood. This lengthy process makes sure that the wood chips are pulped to make paper out of it. The pulp made out of wood must be perfect and reasonable. 

Conversion Of Wood Into Paper

It is a lengthy process. Therefore, the foremost step of this process is chopping. The trees are sliced very carefully using different heavy types of machinery by experts. To make huge loads of paper, logs go through a machine that debarks and chops it.

Making Paper From Wood

These wood chips go through one of two cycles: In the former one, the mechanical pulping of wood is its separation mechanically into the pulp. It is then used for the paper industry.

The wood which, is in the shape of logs, is further grinded mechanically or in factories. Those are also known as refineries and separate the fibres.

In the latter, the cycle which is called substance pulping, the logs of wood are heated in huge pressure cookers or containers at very high heat. Its purpose is to attain the breakdown of wood into cellulose, which is also known as fibres.

Alarming Situation Of Global Warming

It occurs when air pollutants either, smoke from factories or carbon dioxide, affects the natural layer of the atmosphere by absorbing sunlight and bouncing back harmful gases to the earth. The most important reason for global warming is the cutting of trees. It is the root cause. 

However, the need for the paper industry to grow cannot be denied. Recyclable and biodegradable substances are being used to counter this issue. 

Eco-Friendly Material

Be smart and keep the environment clean!

Small Kraft boxes are made entirely from recycled materials. It goes through the following steps:

Firstly, separate the paper according to its category. Separate Type A paper from Type B paper. Clean the stuff carefully to avoid any extra film or glue. The washing of paper loosens the fibres. After the weakening of these fibres, the material to recycle is collected. It is then transported to the Materials Recovery Facility. 

You must have seen in shopping malls that the dump baskets have four following labels: Plastic, Glass, Metal and Paper. Similarly, in those facility centres, the recycled material is divided into the above categories. It is further separated according to the following division:

  • Copy Paper
  • News Paper
  • Packaging 
  • Newspaper

The papers which can be recycled are sent for further recycling. The next level is the cleaning and thorough screening of the material. . The third step is then de-inking and drying. Virgin wood fibre is added and the mixture is pressed into the form of paper to make Kraft packaging. 

These newly recycled papers are sent to factories where Kraft packaging UK makes the manufacturing of boxes easy. An entire team is present which under strict supervision takes care of the matter. The reduction of land pollution and cleanliness is directly proportional to the recycling process.

Benefits Of Recycling

Following are some of the benefits of recycling:

  • Reduction in land waste: It means no paper and  plastic garbage on the roads and hallways. 
  • Removal of unwanted materials: The burning of fossil fuel is the source of plastic. The demand for new plastic will be lesser when you handle previous material carefully. 
  • Conservation of ecosystem: Increasing demand for raw material results in deforestation. 
  • Fresh environment: More trees, healthy the air to breathe in. 
  • Controlling Climate Change: Forestation will ultimately help in reducing pollution thus,             preserving the ozone layer. 

Sizes And Dimensions

Kraft paper packaging is a blessing in disguise. You can choose boxes of any size and dimension. The following designs are available for boxes: 

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Tuck End Boxes
  • Display Boxes 
  • Dispenser Boxes 
  • Cake Boxes
  • Gable Boxes 
  • Book-end boxes

Labelling Makes The Product Appealing

Place your order now with unique manufacturing designs. You can get add-ons to increase the beauty of Kraft box packaging. Spot UV will look both Matte and Gloss Coating. Hot stamping, die-cutting, Embossing and Debossing will further enhance the look of your Kraft boxes. 

Moving forward, the next step is the printing option. There are three options: 

  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing

If you want a sample, prototype delivery to your footstep anywhere in the UK is also available. You can get a Flat view, 3D Inspection, and physical sampling as well.