How to clean an aquarium in 20 minutes so that the fish do not experience a shock when the owners are trying to put things in order in their aquatic kingdom.

In fact, the procedure for caring for aquariums is quite simple, but it must be approached responsibly. Everyone can perfectly master the technique of this simple procedure.

The whole process of cleaning the aquarium with your own hands can be divided into five stages:

  1. Preparation of clean water and tools;
  2. Soil cleaning;
  3. Wall cleaning;
  4. Filter cleaning;
  5. Final procedures.

Preparing clean water and tools

To begin with, we will decide how much water we will change, prepare the required amount and treat it with a dechlorinating agent. This substance is sold at pet stores. It is good to have a test kit for aquarium water at home.

This will provide additional control and therefore safety for your pets. We pump out water using an aquarium siphon. I am an advocate of cleaning aquariums without replanting fish. This is quite possible with careful use of the siphon. It is not recommended pumping out more than 50% of water. 

All the tips described below will be very useful for you to properly clean your aquarium, because if you do not use the services of maids, like this and clean the house yourself. This process, such as cleaning the aquarium, requires a lot of effort and effort from you.

Soil cleaning

Cleaning the aquarium should begin with cleaning the bottom of excrement and other waste products. We lower the siphon on gravel, try to bring it to the most polluted places.

Contaminants are sucked out and the gravel remains in place. You can walk over the stones with a siphon, plaque and dirt will be removed, and the stones will return to their original brightness.

The decorative ornaments also need cleaning! For simplicity, I do this with an algae scraper or a regular toothbrush. Then I rinse with boiling water, dry it and immerse it back.  

Wall cleaning

Now that the aquarium is half free of water and the bottom is in order, we clean the walls of the aquarium. In fact, glass cleaning is the most problematic step in cleaning an aquarium. Clean the glass especially carefully, crawling into all secluded corners. If the green algae remains, it will be difficult to deal with it in the future. There are four different ways to do it yourself in 20 minutes.

  • Clean the inside of the glass with a clean cloth or special sponge. An ordinary kitchen sponge cleans well. But it is not necessary to apply excessive force when cleaning, so as not to deform the glass surface. Never use rags, sponges or brushes that have previously been in contact with detergents.
  • With a special scraper. What is its advantage? Scrapers come in different lengths of handles, with adjustable handle lengths, and with different attachments. For acrylic glass, there are attachments with plastic blades that perfectly clean and do not scratch the surface.
  • With a magnetic scraper. This scraper consists of two parts. One of them - a cleaning element, is placed in water, the other is outside. With this scraper, hands remain dry when cleaning. The disadvantage of this type of cleaning, I think, is that it is impossible to influence the density of pressing against the glass and the dependence of the quality of cleaning on the thickness of the glass of the aquarium.
  • And finally, the use of traditional cleaning methods: razors, blades, bank cards, etc. The advice to clean the glass of the aquarium with a bank card gave me another idea. I used a blister pack of used pills. The effect exceeded expectations. The great thing is that you can cut any shape from the package and get into all the hard-to-reach areas in the aquarium.

Filter cleaning

Many experts prefer not to change cartridges, citing the fact that beneficial bacteria accumulate on them. Yes this is true. Excessive dirt, however, interferes with the normal operation of the filter.

It must be cleaned and rinsed with water. But this procedure is not an alternative to replacing the cartridge. No matter how well I cleaned it, once a month - one and a half, it still has to be changed.

Final procedures

Now that we have cleaned all the elements of the aquarium, we bring the volume of water to the required level with the water that we previously cleaned from chlorine at the beginning of the cleaning. It is very important here to make sure that the water in the aquarium and the water that we add is the same temperature.

That's all the wisdom. The whole process, with good preparation, goes quite quickly. Aquarium care is quite affordable at home. Buy aquariums, equip them comfortably for the inhabitants, and beautiful fish will bring you a lot of pleasant minutes.


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