How New Ultimate Faith Warrior Build Works in PvP

This build all starts with last rates where we're going to Elden Ring Items buff ourselves up and give ourselves over a 10 damage increase even against those that are completely not relevant to those that live in death, so that applies in PvP, what could we work a holy build with well there are two weapons that we like to see which we just talked about the Inseparable sword or and the Miquellan Knight's Sword, when it comes to the Inseparable sword, this is a really cool great sword, not just in design but the way it works it has a fairly unique moveset which feels very vertical, reminding us of the Guardian Sword Spears which are incredible for fast rolling punishment where you constantly do the attack and an enemy rolling around you they're going to struggle run out of stamina and get hit eventually, it's a great role Punisher, but it's also a trading machine, because of that very quickly people seem to pick up the strange attack motions get the timing, and then you could just throw in a heavy attack which looks nigh on the same, but then it's obviously slower, and then follow up with lights which come out much faster, surprising them when they think you're vulnerable now, the damage of each hit is going to be staggeringly effective, especially, when buffed up with the ash of War, sacred blade which was buffed this patch the damage of this ash will hit like a truck at melee range, because you will hit with the blade and the holy effect itself, leading to roughly 1 000 damage or upwards in PvP which is certainly something you don't want to be hit by, at range you'll get maybe 500, maybe even 600 which is nothing to ignore either as you can send this out, when someone's trying to do something at range like casting an incantation or spell and you interrupt them, because it comes out quick but back on point the bass hits are very impressive especially when buffed up, for a relatively fast move set with this with impressive range thanks to pretty long range or length of the great sword, sometimes we'd land an attack and we'd be surprised that we actually did, the buff itself lasts a nice long while now, so it's not something you need to overly worry about maintaining you can just use it once and enjoy the extra holy AR, if you're not relying on the Range attack which we mean you should be, so overall we really like the Inseparable sword in its mechanics from the design to the gameplay, it is great, but we do have another option to switch things up, power sensing straight swords using that Miquellan Knight's Sword, it's the same concept with a different Musa, we have the knight sword here which allows us to power stance the straight sword moveset which is great, super fast leading to high DPS potential, if you can get those hits off naturally with our heavier armor and ball goats Talisman we're running, we have a good amount of poise to trade with but what's really cool here is the fact that the sword has the same Mash of War, sacred blade which again was buffed in the same way, we have a lengthy holy damage buff which features the same swipe and range attack animation we had before, so it has all the same perks, the downside is the lower AR on these types of weapons compared to the greatsword, so the ash hit itself will deal less damage, but to make up for it you have much faster attacks, and therefore much higher DPS, if you can trade on multi-hit combo, someone especially when buffed up, the output is going to be crazy, when you're dealing like 300 to 400 damage a hit, and you're Landing four blows or more in each trade, obviously, that's a lot of damage image, and you have the perk of the range pressure of the ash, interrupting people where possible or trading at close range, the best part of this though is if you're dealing with someone who is maybe hard to deal with your straight swords due to the range or the moveset, you can just swap to the great sword, a totally different moveset, but with the same Ash benefits, to really mess with someone who maybe is used to the moveset, you have the weapons, and now suddenly what they were doing isn't working anymore, we found that actually really useful, where we might have to rely on cheap Elden Ring Items incantations or other things in that kind of situation, we can just swap weapon.