Thinking to start your own e-commerce company ? Confused about your trademark class ?


If you are in the business of buying and selling goods or services through the internet. Then you need to apply in Trademark class 35. Trademark Class 35 is the right class for your e-com company. However you might be required to apply for other classes as well. It depends on the products and services you will be dealing in.

Trademark class 35 is one of the most important classes for advertising as well. So if your company’s main income source is going to be advertising, then you need to apply for trademark class 35.

Here’s a quick example:

The statement T-shirt design company is registered under Trademark Class 35.






What is your e-commerce trademark class?


The correct trademark classes for which a person needs to apply also depends on the goods and services.

For Example :

Birla Group’s fashion brand “Peter England” has a clothing brand and it also sells t-shirts on its online platform. So it is registered both under class 25 and class 35.


A company manufacturing electronics and selling it online needs to apply for trademark class 35 as well as class 37.


Select your E-commerce Trademark Class


Selecting the right class for your business is important. It is therefore suggested that you should hire professional attorneys for the same.

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