As long as it is needed to measure the electricity consumption, the electric energy meter will be used. The ones we hear most often are single phase meter , three-phase meter, and the like. So today we will take a look at single-phase electric meters together. The single-phase electric meter uses the eddy current generated by the voltage and current coil on the aluminum plate to interact with the alternating magnetic flux to generate electromagnetic force, which makes the aluminum plate rotate, and at the same time introduces the braking torque, so that the aluminum plate speed is proportional to the load power. It is driven by gears, and the number of turns of the turntable is calculated by the counter to measure the electric energy. Therefore, the main structure of the watt-hour meter is composed of voltage coils, current coils, turntables, rotating shafts, brake magnets, gears, and counters. Single-phase electric meters are generally for civilian use and are connected to 220V equipment. The above is a brief introduction to single-phase electric meters, but now electronic energy meter is also popular and easy to use.