United Airlines is commonly known or referred to as UNITED was founded on April 6th, 1926. It commenced its operations on March 28th' 1931. It is one of the major American airlines headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. If measured by the fleet size and the number of routes, it is the third-largest airline in the world which operates a large domestic and international route network spanning cities large and small across the United States and all other six continents.

To change your flight date with united airlines, you'll have to go through the following procedure-

⦁          Go to the official website of United Airlines, which is 'united.com'

⦁          Select 'My Trips' and enter your flight-related information.

  1. The date of travel or the destination.
  2. Add a flight.
  3. Remove a flight.

⦁          After filling in your credentials, select 'CONTINUE'

⦁          Choose a new flight option on the page.

⦁          Continue with the booking to confirm the updated date of your new flight.

⦁          It will showcase that the change fee is waived but the difference in a fare may apply.

The aforementioned procedure was for United airlines booking, on the official website of United. You can easily change the date of your flight on the official website of UNITED with the help of the procedure by putting up the credentials for the updated and new flight you wish to travel. There are other ways to change the date of your flight as well, you can also contact the United airlines customer service live person for the further query as sometimes due to heavy traffic on the website it takes time to respond thus you can contact the live person at United Airlines for online assistance via the internet, phone as well as email support.

You can expect an amount of fee to change as well, as you are changing the date of your flight. It is a possibility, as it completely depends upon the air traffic and the season for which you are changing the flight.