Winters are best at gifting you dull, dry, and pale skin. Also when we enjoy winter comforts such as sitting in sun, bathing with hot water, and enjoying heaters and blowers can worse the condition more. Itchiness, dry and parched skin is only caused due to improper nourishment both inside and outside. And which in turn leads to unhappy-looking skin. 

Hence to maintain healthy and glowing skin in this fizzy weather as well, all we require is to do is to follow an extra care skincare routine for glowing skin. Your one little effort can gift you soft and healthy skin. No doubt you can care for your skins well by using different cosmetic products but following mere tips can also drag you the same benefits. 

Tips To Take Care Of Body Skin In Winters:- You can also care for your body skin in winters by following the tips listed below:

 Moisturize your skin :- For having glowing skin in winters the best thing you can do is to moisturize your skin from time to time. It not only helps in hydrating the skin but also helps the skin in retaining its natural oils. Natural moisturizers like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, cucumbers, etc are also best at keeping your skin hydrated and helps you in getting glowing skin in winters as well.         

Water is must :- We only drink water when we crave it, isn’t it? Do you know that our body continuously keeps on losing water in so many ways that we don’t even know? Hence we must not avoid water when we feel less dehydrated. We must drink enough water in winters as well. This will help in fulfilling your body’s water requirements well and helps you in gaining healthy and glowing skin. Hence drinking water is equally important in winters as well. Say bye to dullness by refilling your system with water and enjoy the glowing skin.




Wash Your Face With Lukewarm Water :-No doubt hot water gives comfort by relaxing your muscles, but it is imperative to note that hot water has a big hand in worsening the condition of your skin. Also, it can make your skin flaky as well as dry. Also if you are blessed with dry and flaky skin then hot water can be more harmful.

 In fizzy winters, you cannot take cold water showers as well. Hence it is advised to bathe with lukewarm water as your both purposes will be resolved one of not feeling cold and the other of keeping skin’s natural oils intact. 

Protect your skin from elements :- Summers are less harsh on your skin in comparison to winters. Hence while approaching our winters we must carry with us essentials like, a lip balm that can protect the skin of our lips from getting dry and many more things. Strong blistering winds that too with low humidity can dry our skins out hence try to wrap it up. To protect the delicate skin around your neck and hands, you must wear a scarf and gloves and be sure that they are made up of soft material to avoid irritation.               

Sunscreen for winters as well :- Whenever we hear the word sunscreen what strikes our mind is summers only. But this is not right, sunscreen is not only meant for summers but winters as well. Hence in winters as well while heading out in sun apply sunscreen on the exposed parts such as hands, neck, and face and use sunscreen having at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Also after sweating you must reapply the sunscreen after every two hours. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on the areas like the back of the neck, ears, lips, and under the chin. 



Take short showers :- Especially in winters enjoying hot long showers is everyone’s favorite. But there is a big no to the long hot showers. The reason is that hot water dehydrates you. Not only this it has a big hand in stripping away the natural oils from the skin. After a shower, if your skin becomes dry and itchy red then it means you have taken the shower for a long time. Hence try taking short showers that too with lukewarm water.

Conclusion :- Hence these are the tips that can help you in caring well for your body skin in winters. Try following these tips and get rewarded with glowing and healthy skin in winters as well.