When it comes to showers, many people think that showers have a large amount of water, and the water output is even. Can they still produce flowers?

Before the editor's shower, the water flow was very rushing (four beeps), and the "smashing" caused one hundred thousand critical strikes on the body, which was too exciting.

Today, I recommend a thermostatic shower right-angle shower column. This is a soft-skin shower. It is said that this is a shower that is super popular with Suzhou people.

In the south of the Yangtze River, people are soft and delicate. The shower should also be matched with the tone of the water town.

The water flow of this shower is very fine, there is no strong irritation on the body, the emollient is silent, and it is not the kind of soft cotton and weak.

A return visit after using this shower head: it falls on the skin, it is gentle, like a massage, it is very relaxing to take a bath.

When the water is gentle, there will be no splashes. The water flows gently along the skin, and the soft feeling of being wrapped in water makes it the most comfortable to relax.

There is also a large shower head on the top of the right-angle shower column, which can cover the whole body. It is not used to move the body. The bracket can be raised and lowered to satisfy you of different heights. It feels like bathing in the natural rain and dripping.

If you don't like right angles, you can also choose this arc shape.

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