As a combination of Ghost and Steel Pokémon, Aegislash has been a leader in battle since its release in the sixth generation. The offensive data is not perfect, but its basic defensive capabilities and special defensive capabilities data have always been difficult to discard. I have obtained the King's Shield of this dimension on mmoso. Then I will introduce to you the moves I have learned about it.

King's Shield is really a deviation at a competitive Player's offensive Aegislash moveset. With King's Shield, the gamer can easily protect himself from any threat which will come up after the need to use Close Combat. It also protects against two-turn moves like Dive, Fly especially Dig, which might be almost absent inside competitive scene however are sure to turn up in casual play.

Close Combat is made for cases when Shadow Sneak just won't work. It is employed to counter Normal and Dark-type Pokemon. However, you will need to note that Aegislash is reasonably easy to KO rolling around in its Blade stance and much more so after using Close Combat. Players must, therefore, be cautious when facing an adversary with multiple Dark or Normal types that could outspeed their weakened Pokemon. Other Shiny Pokemon fly by like light.

Shadow Sneak does a reduced amount of damage than Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, both of that happen to be also viable STAB: Same Type Attack Bonus methods of Aegislash. However, Shadow Sneak allows Aegislash to ignore its sub-par speed and strike the opponent first. If the gamer sets up a Swords Dance or two first, then Shadow Sneak will typically do plenty of damage to get the enemy before they will get a chance to address.

Swords Dance can be a significant move around in any physical damage dealer's repertoire. Since it ups a person's base damage by way of a whole two stages, using 1 or 2 of these at the beginning of a battle makes your Pokemon a tremendous threat. However, it's best of all on Aegislash.

Since Aegislash won't enter its Blade stance and soon you use an offensive move, you can stay put and stack Swords dances while hiding behind the formidable defenses of Aegislashe's Shield stance.

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