Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a very successful business tool that immediately provides cost and skill benefits. From IT to Telecom to ITES, every industry is dependent on BPO to some extent. Call center domain falls under ITES i.e. IT Enabled Support and it is probably the most outsourced business function used by a large number of companies. However, not all companies that use call center outsourcing services get the desired returns from it. The reason for the failure lies in their inability to make a positive impact on the psyche of clients’ customers.

Eliminating Disconnect Between Cultures

The ‘word’ culture here does not represent ethnic or religious culture. It is the ambiance, atmosphere and most importantly the approach of call center agents. Talking positively to customers, taking ownership of the brand, persisting with customer issue despite challenges etc. are some positive traits that are common across all businesses. But there are certain traits regarding the language, dialect, accent and regional practices; which are not as easy to imbibe.

Professional call center outsourcing companies have dedicated training departments that inculcate the necessary qualities, so that customer care reps can make a ‘cultural connect’. In all honest, making a cultural connect is the first step to striking a positive relationship on call.

The Need for Rapport Building and Empathy

Whether it is basic customer care or technical support, the art of rapport building is very important. There are some agents who are effortless in this regard because their fundamental nature is warm and friendly. Others need to be taught about the art of rapport building and also its benefits.

Top call centers like A1 Call Center recruit talented and experienced individuals who are naturally empathetic and also well-versed with rapport building. If your roster is filled with such agents, your chance of making a positive impact on all customers rises exponentially.

Why a Call Center Company in India is the Best Choice?

BPO is a very important industry in developing countries like India and Philippines. These nations earn a major share of their GDP via outsourcing. Knowing this, the governments of these countries create tax and regulatory laws that are conducive for the BPO industry.

Some other reasons why a call center company in India should be chosen are: polite nature of people and availability of a vast pool of talent. Companies such as A1 Call Center have already delivered several successful projects over the years, in which, they have showed consistency in maintaining a positive cultural connect.