Although hair transplantation leaves its feature of being the most common plastic surgery performed in our country, nose aesthetics still has not lost anything from its popularity. People belonging to many different ethnic groups live in our lands. For this reason, we encounter a wide variety of nasal aesthetic problems. The arched capes of the Black Sea region are like the thick skinned broad capes of the southeast. In addition, curved noses, which are mostly caused by childhood traumas, are the most common nasal problems. Nowadays, the number of patients who need rhinoplasty for the second or third time is not at all. The nose is a small body part; but it is a structure that occupies people very much due to its location. She should be beautiful and in harmony with the face she is in, and most importantly, should not cause breathing difficulties. Rhinoplasty, I think, is the most difficult operation of plastic surgery. Many variables, many expectations. Even if you have performed thousands of nose surgeries, one day a nose will come and it will force you like your first surgery. The nose should be thought in three dimensions. Preoperative pictures shown in two dimensions with various computer programs only give an idea. The consistency and thickness of the nasal skin and cartilages force me to find techniques that I need to improve immediately, apart from classical procedures. This is the most enjoyable part of the business among us, from my point of view. The wound healing period after nose surgery is also very variable according to the individuals. We consider the worst in surgery and take measures accordingly. This is the best way to solve problems to be experienced next. Nowadays, the expectation is not to understand that the nose is aesthetic. It is not desired to lift or sharpen the tip of the nose. It is not preferred that the nasal dorsal falls too low. This really pleases me. Because my preference has always been that way.

Briefly, here are my principles:

Improving breathing function

To make a nose that is extremely unobtrusive in the general structure of the face. (If the overall face is beautiful, the nose brightens the face.) To ensure that the transition between nose-lips, nose-forehead is natural My advice to those who will have a nose surgery:

Meet with your doctor one-on-one

If possible, see before and after photos of people who look like you Have surgery on people who understand you and feel safe. As a result: With rhinoplasty surgery, you can both physically achieve the facial appearance you want and achieve breathing comfort. For more visit Best dermatologist in islamabad in islamabad