The Big Bang Theory is a popular TV sitcom, which was created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. The television series premiered on CBS on September 24, 2007. There are a lot of interesting characters on the show. Some of them have been considered smart, and some have been shown dumb. However, most cast members on the show are being remembered for their high intellect, such as Amy, Sheldon, and Bernadette. Although the show introduces a lot of characters that are obviously smart, it also shows some of the characters who are actually smarter than they appear on the show. In this article, we have listed some of the characters on the show The Big Bang Theory, who are smarter than they seemed in the entire TV series. Howard Wolowitz The character of Howard Wolowitz has been portrayed by Simon Helberg in the series. Howard has been accomplished throughout the series for his emotional intelligence and becoming a loving husband from a useless oaf. Although he is not proficient enough academically, he is still a space engineer whose presence is necessary for the proper functioning of the space station. Many other characters on the show often tease Howard for not having a Ph.D. degree, but he is a lot more useful person as compared to many of his friends. Arthur Jeffries Arthur Jeffries is another smart character on the show, The Big Bang Theory. Many characters on the show affectionately call him Professor Proton. he was a former host of a science-show, and he brings a lot of change in the childhoods of Leonard and Sheldon. after getting young, both of them manage to reconnect with Arthur and become dearest friends with him. The contributions of Arthur are often neglected because of his image as a host of a kid’s show. The scientific community does not respect him even after having a Ph.D. degree. Mary Cooper The famous actress Zoe Perry portrays the character of Mary Cooper in the series. She is playing the role of Sheldon’s mother, who is a deeply religious and close-minded woman. She has not been shown as the smartest woman on the show because of her stubbornness and narrow thinking about the world. However, she has been shown as a high intellect who has great emotional intelligence while manipulating Sheldon and handling the situations in their exact form. This shows that she is quite perceptive and sharp as well. Barry Kripke Barry Kripke is another famous character on the show who is well-known for his off-putting personality. Barry is an annoying person, along with being loud, brutish, harassing, and crass. But, when it comes to intelligence, Barry has been considered as one of the most intelligent men on the show. He has the ability to successfully change the fields very easily. He also has a better knowledge of engineering than Sheldon has. He has great potential, and his priorities lie somewhere else. Penny The character of Penny has been portrayed by Kaley Cuoco in the series, The Big Bang Theory. The intellect of Penny has been portrayed inconsistently throughout the series. She has been shown as one of the dumbest characters, which are not even able to understand simple scientific concepts. For example, according to her, the energy crisis of the world can be solved with potatoes. However, she can also be considered smart enough as she has the ability to transition into a sales career successfully, which shows she is compelling, has great people skills, keen, and assertive. Although many other characters on the show make fun of Penny’s intelligence, she is comparatively brighter than the credit she receives in the entire series. This article concludes some of the characters in the TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, who have been shown the dumbest characters, but they are the smartest characters in many ways. Source: The Big Bang Theory