The Boys is one of the most famous superheroes streaming TV series on Amazon Prime Video. The show has been developed by Eric Kripke. It is based on the comic of the same name, which was written by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis that was published by DC Comics originally. The show includes various talented cast members, and one of them is Dominique McElligott, who portrays the character of Queen Maeve / Maggie Shaw in the series. As the character of Queen Maeve has been created after DC’s Wonder Woman, portrayed by Gal Gadot hence, there are a lot of similarities between them. We have seen that Wonder Woman shares thriving relationships with her fellow members of the Justice League, but in this case, Queen Maeve is not like her. However, there are a lot more similarities exist between them, which have also been noticed by the audience. For example, the design pattern of Maeve’s costume and her powers. In this article, we have discussed some of the similarities between Wonder Woman and Queen Maeve. Superhuman Strength When it comes to strength, Diana Prince / Wonder Woman is second to Clark, and similarly, Queen Maeve is second only to Homelander. On several occasions, Queen Maeve, who is one of the members of The Seven, has shown her mind-blowing and incredible strength. We have seen the younger Maeve punching away a school bus, which seems like it is not a bus but a ball. She also stands still and splits an armored vehicle running at a great speed. She is also capable of overpowering and retraining both Stormfront and Black Noir. Similarly, Wonder Woman also has great strength that can be seen in the DC Extended Universe when she throws an armored Ehrhardt E-V/4 tank in the air, and that too with ease. She has also been seen slamming the concrete walls and bending the metallic objects. Super Speed In the pilot episode of the series The Boys, Queen Maeve has been seen overtaking a speeding armored car as she is quite faster than vehicles and humans. However, she is not faster than a train running at a speed of 1,000 mph. Her speed sometimes disregards gravity for a very short period of time, which makes her run on the walls very easily. Similarly, there are also some instances that show Wonder Woman is also not behind and possesses an incredible speed. For example, after watching Doomsday on television, Wonder Woman reaches Gotham from Metropolis in just two minutes. She also saves Bruce Wayne from being struck by the thermal rays of Doomsday by moving fast enough. Costume Design Both Wonder Woman and Queen Maeve have similar kinds of costumes. However, the costumes are different in color but much similar in design. Another similarity between Diana and Maggie is that both of them wear a tiara on their heads. The origin of the tiara worn by Queen Maeve is not known, but the tiara of Wonder Woman belonged to her mentor and aunt, General Antiope. The best Amazon warrior has the special right to wear the tiara. Both Diana and Maeve wear leather costumes that are sleeveless and have breastplates. They also wear short skirts held with the help of large belts. Talking about their footwear, both Diana and Maeve wear combat boots that are knee-high. Enhanced Senses Queen Maeve has incredible sensing ability and has been gifted with enhanced senses as compared to other superheroes. She very easily detects the presence of Translucent in the room of ladies even though he is not visible. She also has the ability to notice every minute detail very easily. On the other hand, the demigoddess physiology of Wonder Woman also grants her enhanced and heightened senses. It can be proved from one of the instances when she first sees Steve’s plane crash from miles ahead. Another instance is when she talks to Bruce in the lake house and spots Cyborg spying on Bruce and Diana from a very far distance. She also has the ability to hear the conversations across walls. Stealth Queen Maeve has a great ability to sneak in and out of places and that too without being seen or noticed. This is why she can make a great spy. In a battle scene in which Stormfront is also involved, Maeve easily manages to sneak into the area, and Stormfront is unable to notice her presence. However, the level of stealth of Wonder Woman is above that of Queen Maeve. Diana and Steve steal a jet, and Diana turns it invisible so that no radar can detect the jet. She also impresses Batman by getting into the Batcave on her own, which is a well-protected place, and it is not that easy to sneak into that without the permission of Bruce Wayne. She also steals the hacking device of Bruce Wayne from LexCorp Industries without being noticed or seen. This article concludes with some of the similarities that have been noticed by the audience between Diana Prince / Wonder Woman and Maggie Shaw / Queen Maeve. Source: