Zacian is one of the powerful legendary pokemon and one of my favorite pokemon. It is the coolest one of the mascots in Pokemon Sword. Then I bought one on for $1.59. Although it is very powerful in the battle in Sword and Shield, my ranking battle and official VGC results are average.

I found a guide on Zacian's moves from the Internet. In the main game and multiplayer battles, will I become a nightmare for all opposing Pokemon in the form of a crowned sword?

Behemoth Blade

Behemoth Blade is usually a signature move that Zacian learns whether or not this knows Iron Head. Teach it Iron Head and enter the struggle with Zacian in their Crowned Sword form. This means it has to be holding the Rusted Sword. The move does incredible damage and deals double the amount if the target Pokemon is Dynamax. Zacian is really a physical attacker, which means this move does wonder.

Play Rough

Play Rough is usually a brutal Fairy-type attack that does physical damage and provides a STAB when Zacian uses it. It also includes a 10% possibility of lowering the target Pokemon's Attack stat by one stage. This is simply another powerful attack to increase Zacian's moveset. It can easily KO Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-type Pokemon. This physical attacker is probably the most dangerous Pokemon hanging around.

Close Combat

Close Combat will probably be Zacian's main coverage attack. It can hit Dark, Steel, and Ice-type Pokemon for supereffective damage. It does lower Zacian's Defense and Special Defense by one stage with each use, so always remember that. Its defensive stats already aren't extraordinary compared to its other stats. Close Combat ought to be used wisely.

Swords Dance

Swords Dance could make Zacian an incredibly dangerous foe whether it can use it while staying within the battlefield. Zacian's Ability, Intrepid Sword, already raises its Attack by one stage if it enters the battle. Swords Dance raises it two stages whenever it is used. This will make opposing trainers consider before switching in another Pokemon. Unfortunately, it is not one of Shiny Pokemon.

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