An erectile dysfunction is a form of male sexual dysfunction that happens to any individual, but its nature is determined by its frequency of occurrence. For starters, it is considered common when a man has trouble achieving an erection once or twice a year. But where there is a regular rise in the level of disorder, it is a matter of concern. Such instability is typically faced by older men.

For men suffering from sexual illness, the Sildalist pill is an Erectile Dysfunction treating drug. Sildalist is the quick and safe restoration of power. With it, you can quickly regain and develop self-confidence in your male strength and sexual abilities. Sildalist composed of two-parent ingredients i.e. Sildenafil and Tadalafil. 

SILDALIST Chemical Name


Sildalist is an oral pharmaceutical substance containing Sildenafil citrate & Tadalafil. This drug is used for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is where men can’t obtain or hold up an erection. This medication helps to flush the private area with blood along with incitement by loosening the muscles in the veins and spreading the bloodstream to the private area, which then prompts an erection.

Take Sildalist orally before having sex for at least 20 minutes to 1 hour. For water or juice, just take it. This would have the right outcome for you. Take a limit of 1 pill per day! Sildalist tablets are accessible in a rectangular format. There are 6 tablets in a blister (wrapping). The impact continues for up to 36 hours on a tablet. Longer than any of the market's phones. You'll be passionate! Not just you, but your wife will be indebted to you as well. Sildalist strengthens the desire for sex and improves libido. Thoughts about erection failure are a thing of the past. Enjoy sex once more, as it used to be.

You can also take: 

 Aurogra 100 mg | Fildena | Caverta | Tadacip

Health Tips for ED patients:

  • Stick to a Balanced Diet to stimulate sexual appetite
  • Don't Use Alcohol as an aphrodisiac, restrict or stop the use of alcohol
  • Don't Hide Your Problem From Your Partner
  • Stop smoking
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Reduce stress level

Sildalista Contraindication

If not taken correctly, Sildalis will cause significant adverse effects. Consult the doctor first to figure out how you are ready to take your medication without serious side effects. The use of Sildalis can be contraindicated by hypersensitivity to the drug's ingredients, low blood pressure and other factors.

Side Effect of Sildalist: 

Some of the side effects of this prescription are classified as under:

  • This leads us to have sensitive eyes
  • Indigestion Generally
  • It can lower a person's blood pressure, which can further worsen heartburn.
  • The skin flushing
  • The Dizziness
  • This produces fuzzy vision
  • This can lead to vision disability
  • Vomiting Over

There are situations where no side effects at all are found in the patient.


Special precautions and Sildalista warnings:

The original Sildalist looks like a rectangular shape of red film-covered tablets. Please follow the instructions provided in the kit to get the best out of your counseling. It is necessary to contact the doctor if you are attempting Sildalist for the first time. Timely, comprehensive consultation would help you to prevent any adverse effects and make the care as successful as possible.

Storage for SILDALIST

Please store Sildalist away from the grasp of children in a cool, dry location at room temperature. The expiry date on the box should be reviewed before you start taking the medication.