Do your efforts to remove unwanted hair constantly leave you with nicks, bumps, and burns? Does the irritation of repeated tweezing, shaving, or waxing you crazy? If so, this may be a choice worth considering.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

A medical process using a laser device to remove unwanted hair. It has come to be one of the common cosmetic method performed in all over the world.

How does it work?

Uses rays of high energy to selectively enter into the hair glands. The light is absorbed by the color in the hair glands, terminating them within the gland which stops future hair growth.

Though the treatment successfully slows hair development, it does not guarantee long-lasting hair removal. It usually takes some treatments to give relief from unwanted hair. Different forms of lasers have been developed and the most common of which are neodymium YAG, alexandrite, diode, and extreme pulsed light sources.

Is It Safe?

Used mostly to remove unwanted hair from the legs, faces, upper lip, underarms, and chin, and bikini line. Lasers can target just hairs with great exactness while leaving the around skin undamaged. The laser can treat lots of hairs all at once.

While it's likely to treat unwanted hair in almost any part. Hence, laser hair removal in Dubai is not suggested for the eyelid or nearby area because of the possibility of an eye injury. Other than that, the procedure is safe for all other body parts.

Consult a best cosmetic surgeon

Before getting the laser treatment, you should consult the best surgeon. Discuss the benefits, risks, and results after the treatment. This is also the most suitable treatment for dark skin.

Easy procedure

The laser device will use the thickness, color, and area of the hair being treated. Make sure that the body part to be treated must be clean and dry.

Eye protection is important to save your eyes from the laser rays. A relevant anesthetic may be used to reduce any uneasiness during treatment.

A safe and beneficial procedure

The Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic provides you permanent laser hair removal for men and women. In the clinic involves many benefits which can be liked if the laser treatment is administered properly.

  • Precision: Amazing technology allows the specialist to treat dark rough unwanted hairs on the different body parts without hurting the skin.
  • Safety: nowadays, all people who want to get rid of their unwanted hairs, in search of a safe and trusted procedure. So, laser hair removal treatment is famous to be an almost medically safe and painless procedure.
  • Swiftness: Using instant rays of light, the laser can treat an area as the size of a penny in not more than one second. The complete face is treated in a few minutes and the big body parts, for example, the back or legs may take to one hour.
  • Convenience: Effects are permanent in people who get for many sessions.

Final thoughts

If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair then laser hair removal in Dubai is a safer and easier way. People from all over the world would prefer laser treatment because of its fast and long-lasting results.