Troubleshoot SBCGlobal Login Error

There was a time when all users have encountered excellent and flexible services of SBCGlobal email. You have rarely faced any technical glitch with it. Every time, you call SBCGlobal helpdesk, and you will be getting the instant solution.

By the time it was merged with AT&T email service provider, many of you have started complaining about SBCGlobal Login error. There can be various technical reasons behind this technical error.

  • Username and Password are incorrect
  • Service is not working due to technical glitch
  • Browser unable to load mailbox
  • The email app is not appropriately configured with the yahoo server
  • Antivirus is outdated

When you log in to your email, you get an error, which will help you to understand the main reason behind its occurrence. However, few steps are mentioned below to overcome this issue. The alternate help that you can get by calling SBCGlobal Customer Service Number and a technical consultant will guide you to fix this error.

How to Fix Can’t Login Error In SBCGlobal Email Account On Browser?

Method – 1 Analyze Mail Server Status

To check the Yahoo server status, you must visit the official site of Yahoo or put down detector to check the status.

  • Open ‘Down Detector’ on your computer
  • Click the ‘Yahoo mail’ in the company list
  • Check the ‘Server graph’, and if it is flooded, then the report confirms that the server is down for a moment and wait until it works well.

Method – 2 Verify Email Password

Many of you are facing login error in SBCGlobal email due to incorrect password. Apart from this, you can’t sign-in to your email by using a correct password and a message prompt that password is wrong. It means someone has tried unauthorized access and changed your account details. Let’s go through the process to reset a new password and analyze security settings.

  • Open the ‘Att Account Recovery Link’ in your browser
  • Click the ‘Forgot Password’ option
  • Type your ‘User id’ and ‘Password’ and then press ‘Continue’
  • A ‘Verification Window’ will open and you have to press the suitable option to verify your account.
  • A page will appear where you can create and confirm your new password.

Method – 3 Check for Valid User Id

It may happen because of wrong entering of a user id to login SBCGlobal email. So, carefully go through  your user id and double-check it. You can understand how to recover your forgotten user id by going through the below procedure.

  • Open ‘Att Email Login page’
  • Press the ‘Forgot Id’ button
  • Now, enter your ‘Contact Email’ and then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Finally, you will get your user id in contact email.

Method – 4 Delete Caches and Cookies of Your Browser

Sometimes, a problem arises due to old data from your browser. Delete all caches, browsing history and cookies from your browser, reload the login page and access your SBCGlobal email account.

  1. Chrome
  • Go to ‘History’ and click the ‘Clear Data key’
  • Select the ‘Data type’ and click the ‘Delete Data’ option
  1. Firefox
  • Open the ‘Site Data’ option
  • Click the ‘Clear Data Key’

Method – 5 Update the Browser

After clearing the data history from your browser, you can’t login to your SBCGlobal email account. You have to update your browser with the latest version now to fix the SBCGlobal Login issue.

How to Troubleshoot SBCGlobal Login Issue On iPhone?

If you can’t login to an SBCGlobal email account on your iPhone, you should use a few strategies to fix SBCGlobal login error.

Method – 1 Delete and Add Mail Account On iPhone

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on the iPhone.
  • Now, search ‘Accounts and Passwords’ option
  • Touch your ‘SBCGlobal’ or ‘Att account’ from the ‘Accounts list’
  • Now, slide and touch the ‘Delete Account’ key
  • You must click ‘Yes’ on it when a confirmation message comes up on your screen.

Once you delete your SBCGlobal mail account, restart your iPhone and press the ‘Accounts & Passwords’ option.

  • Touch ‘Add account’ button
  • Check the list and tap on ‘AT&T Mail account’ option
  • Now, enter your email id and password
  • Finally, click the Enter button.

Method – 2 Manually Set-Up Account Using IMAP

If you can’t login to your iPhone, you can delete your email account and install it again using manual settings. Fill the details of the following setting while synchronizing your account on iPhone.

  • Incoming Server Address –
  • Port No. – 993
  • Encryption – SSL
  • Username – SBCGlobal email address
  • Password – Email password
  • Outgoing Server –
  • Port No. – 583 or 465
  • Encryption type – SSL or TLS

Method – 3 Install Official Apps

If you can’t login to your SBCGlobal email account, you should install the official or yahoo mail app on your iPhone from the app store.

After following the above steps, you still can’t access your SBCGlobal email on your browser and iPhone; then you must call SBCGlobal Helpline Number to fix ‘can’t login issue’. The customer support is opened all the time to take up your call and provide you with a desirable and perfect solution.

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