We are highly delighted in the unveiling of Alicanto Biotech,  who is at par with the global bests Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company. As our company was incorporated, we made it a mission to deliver the best and enhance the quality of life. We are the company that is under incorporation and the aim for us is to raise the standards of living. Nowadays, we have achieved unparalleled recognition and trust over second party ayurvedic medicine business, and are offering services to many cities Worldwide.

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company

We bring glory to the nation by bringing in sheer respect and revenues from the customers. Alicanto Biotech work with the mission to consolidate the people’s faith in Ayurveda. With credit for developing hundreds of unique products, we are proud to list the highest quality Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical products through Alicanto biotech:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Sachets
  • Syrups
  • Powder/Granules
  • Drops

Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Company In India

Herbal third party manufacturing or Herbal contract manufacturing services is one most unique concept in Herbal industry. It is one the of the easiest way to manufacture high quality Herbal products. It is also beneficial for companies and individuals who want to manufacture their own product. Ayurvedic third party manufacturing company help them to establish their ayurvedic brand without any manufacturing plant. The high quality herbal products can be made without any huge investment through third party manufacturer.

Steps That Can Make Process of Third Party Manufacturing Easy

  • You need to make a list of all the products and medical requirements based on the demand from your market and then choose a company where you can put Inquiry regarding the rates and prices of the required medicines.
    • After getting all the prices and details, now you have to finalise the quantity of the selected products that you want to get the third party manufactured; you can decide this quantity according to the demand and requirement of your market.
    • After confirming everything, now is the time when you are placing the order for the company where the manufacturer is requested to produce the products and confirm that Alicanto Biotech name should be written as the manufacturer.
    • Once when you have finalized the order, now you have to look into the artwork of your product like – Your Brand Name on carton & foil
    – Packing details, Composition, Manufacturing details
    – Design & Color combination
    – Marketing address, logo & name on carton & foil
    • The next and Important step is to submit the required documents with the company which you have selected for your brand Manufacturing.
    • After the products are manufactured, your manufactured products will then be dispatched through your preferred transporter after submission of documents & clearance of accounts to your location.
    • And finally when you received your goods at your warehouse, now it is the time when you forward them in the market for getting the maximum profits.

Key Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company:

Alicanto Biotech is Providing Benefits of Ayurvedic third party manufacturing, also known as contract manufacturing, has several benefits including:

  • Low Investments for Herbal Products Manufacturing
    • You Can Manufacture Own Herbal Product With Investing for Manufacturing Unit.
    • High Quality GMP & AYUSH Approved Products
    • Affordable Products Manufacturing Cost
    • Opportunity to Work with very Professional and Experienced team

There are Some Features of Our Manufacturing Services:

  • All of the medications we offer are AYUSH, GMP, FSSAI & ISO approved and also certified for sale.
  • The production cost of Alicanto Biotech’s products is very cost-efficient
  • Alicanto biotech offers economical rates for your orders, allowing you to save a significant margin of money.
  • We are known in the market for the best on time delivery of our products.
  • We offer customized and alluring packaging to ensure that our partners receive the greatest designs and an appealing appearance of their brand.
  • The most important aspect of our company is its secrecy and complete professionalism.

Why Alicanto Biotech for the Quality Medicines?

As a an excellent, well known, third party Ayurvedic manufacturing company in Haryana, we have a team of proficient experts who work hard to ensure the delivery of superior products and services. Our devotion to the production of quality herbal medicine products has created the prominent position of our company as a head supplier of Herbal medicines in India. May be the best company in this industry dealing marked products for Herbal medicines and we also have contract Manufacturing. A good manufacturing in low costs can be assured to any customer who would like to reach out to Alicanto Biotech ever anytime.