There are quite a lot of Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Because of the addition of the two DLCs, I like Marowak, Garchomp, Swampert, Nidoking, and Groudon. These kinds of high-quality Pokemon, in my opinion, are the most worth starting.

The motherly Pokemon, Marowak, has become a favorite since fans learned its tragic backstory. Cubone is protected by its mother Marowak, prior to the last day it could. Then the Cubone wears its mother's skull to be a helmet, due to its continued protection. It truly a heartbreaking anime moment. Marowak can be so popular that they can even give it an Alolan form. Although its new form does dawn a fresh typing, it might still use its signature Ground move, Bonemerang.

Garchomp could be the bane with the player's existence in Diamond and Pearl. This is one of the most popular, and strongest, Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon ever. The Cynthia battle is one of the hardest battles across all Pokemon games, as a result, monster. Garchomp includes a mega form in newer adaptions on the game, though it isn't for sale in Sword and Shield, unfortunately. Garchomp has even featured in the Sun and Moon anime as Ash's methods of transportation.

Swampert is one of the beloved starters from Generation III. This Water/Ground starter is one of the most popular Pokemon from Hoenn. Its typing is exceedingly strong, only offering one weakness. Swampert makes its way into many fans' hearts, especially with the cute basic Pokemon Mudkip. It's so tough to pass up Mudkip at the outset of a journey through Hoenn.

The classic Drill Pokemon, Nidoking, can be a well-known Generation I Pokemon. Surprisingly this hadn't got any new forms, like Alolan or Galatian. Nidoking was likely on many fans' first teams in Red & Blue. Nidoking is often a very solid Pokemon along with a very popular Ground Pokemon. Nidoking is usually one of the best picks to get a team in Generation I games since it could be obtained early and steamroll from the game.

The box Legendary of Pokemon Ruby, Groudon, is one of the more popular Legendary Pokemon. In Ruby, the villains planned to obtain this Pokemon to destroy the earth, so it may be able to do. Fans can't neglect the Jirachi movie, during which Groudon takes the significant role. Groudon really could end the planet. Good thing Rayquaza will there be to protect the earth when it gets angry.

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