Epson is a famous company known for manufacturing printers and other hardware devices. There is a wide range of Epson printers designed for businesses as well as for home use. Epson printers are known for robustness and quality printouts but still, there are few errors that can create issues while taking printouts with Epson printers. Error code 202 is a common error reported by many users.


Common causes behind Epson printer error 202:

  1. Printer connection error
  2. Your printhead is clogged
  3. Fuser gets damage
  4. Empty cartridge
  5. Epson printer driver gets corrupted or outdated
  6. Paper jam
  7. You have lots of pending print jobs


Ways to resolve Epson printer error 202:


Check the printer driver

You can get this issue due to the Epson printer communication error. The printer driver creates a communication channel between the printer and the PC. If the driver gets corrupted then you will get various printing errors. Check the driver for the corrupted files. But finding the corrupted files manually is difficult. Even when you find the corrupted driver files, you can’t restore the files unless you have some technical knowledge. If the Epson printer driver gets corrupted then you can reinstall the driver on your computer. For outdated printer drivers, you can visit the Epson printer website and install the update easily. After installing the update, restart your device and check for error 202.


Check for the printer connection 

For wired Epson printers, you have to check the USB cable. The printer errors can occur when your USB cable is weak or faulty. The best way to check your USB cable is to connect another device with it. Eject the USB cable from your printer and connect it with another device. Check whether your device is connecting or not. If the cable is faulty then get a new cable for your Epson. For a wireless connection, you have to check the WPS pin. Sometimes the WPS pin gets disabled automatically which causes the error. Restart the WPS pin and Wi-Fi button and then try to make the connection. If you are unable to take printouts with wireless connectivity then you should use the cable.

Check for dried ink

When the user hasn't used the printer for a long time, the ink gets dried up inside the drum. The dried ink causes the printing error. When you see the error, check the cartridge drum. Take out the cartridge and check the ink drum. If the ink is dried up then you have to add solvent in it. Open the ink drum and add some drops of solvent (alcohol-based

) in it. Now close the drum and mix it well. Once the ink gets mixed completely, insert the cartridge inside the printer. Again try to take a printout and check for the error.


Clean the printhead

The printhead gets clogged with the ink if you haven’t cleaned it for a long time. The clogged printhead causes error while taking a printout. Clean the printhead of your Epson printer and then take the printouts easily. Take a clean cloth and dip it in a very small amount of cleaning liquid. Take out the cartridge and then clean the printhead. You need to clean the printhead with very light hands as it can damage easily. If you don’t want to clean the printhead manually then use the printer utility tool.

  1. Click on the start button 
  2. Go to Devices and Printers
  3. Choose Adjust print options
  4. Click on the Maintenance tab
  5. Hit the Head Cleaning option

The utility tool will start cleaning the printhead. Repeat the same steps for complete printhead cleaning. Restart your printer and check whether the Epson printer error 202 gets resolved or not.