Through understanding, we can know that the electronic energy meter uses a dedicated electronic energy meter integrated circuit to process the sampled voltage and current signals and multiplies them into a pulse output display proportional to the electric energy by sampling the user's supply voltage and current in real-time.

According to needs, the stored data (electricity, etc.) can also be uploaded to the upper computer (master station) according to the prescribed protocol (communication protocol), and the upper computer can also manage the use and sales of electricity meters. Because of its unparalleled advantages of induction electric energy meters, it has developed rapidly in recent years. The inductive watt-hour meter is replaced with a fully electronic watt-hour meter. In developed countries, it is replaced at an average annual rate of over 20%. In our country, due to the late start, insufficient propaganda intensity and breadth, and people's insufficient understanding of all-electronic energy meters, the development is slow.

However, with the change and progress of technology and the times, the use of electronic energy meters has become more and more popular in recent years. Relatively speaking, although the single phase meter is still widely used, the convenience and accuracy of use are still more convenient than the electronic energy meter.