A rich text edit control is a feature-rich, reliable and strong RTF editor component. A premium rich text editor control processes text with any text direction. It provides you many different features, such as important and export options, conversion between different measurement units and field supports to name a few. 

RTF stands for Rich Text Format document or file. It is a proprietary document file format that has been developed by Microsoft. It contains rich text format. This type of document also has some attachments, like images and animations. Thus, RTF files are usually packed in a bundle. Mac OS can open these types of RTF files directly. But Windows hardly open it without interruption. Even though, RTF format or RTF supports text formatting, formats like bold, italics and different types of fonts as well as images. 

Why Choose RTF Editor Components?

People sometimes get confused about RTF editor and editor component, and sometimes does not know about RTFD. You need to understand the different between these two, so that you can choose the best editor component as possible. Normally, these two are different type of format. 

Rich Text Format Directory also called RTFD which is nothing but a primary document format of a Mac application. Usually, it contains rich text format with other attachments, so RTFD is all the time packed in a cluster or a folder. The best thing is only Mac operating system can open it as discussed before but the problem is Windows can’t open it, which is why you need a software control to open it, if you are using MS operating system.

People use this type of editor for various types of business needs. The rick text formatting editor often called rich text formatting editor that you use to format that rich text in fields. RTF editor provides you a commonly used functions, like formatting text, creating bookmarks, linking bookmarks, inserting links and creating tables, to name a few. 

Basically, a RTF editor reduces the efforts of formatting the text by giving you a “what you see is what you get” interface. You can easily use the RTF editor in the fields that have the RTF icon very next to them. You may find a RTF editor online, and that could be free but free RTF editor will not serve your purpose, for that matter, you need to buy a premium one. 

RTF files can be edited, changed or converted easily with the help of RTF editor component. As you have come to know that RTF is also a rich text format file that needs an editor to edit or change. 

Why Choose Sub Systems?

Sub Systems a leader in this domain, offers a wide range of text editor components for your complete business solutions. If you are looking for RTF editor component, you would like to contact with us. Sub Systems offers TE edit control, a feature rich, strong and time-tested RTF editor component. This tool is an advanced RTF component good for HTML, JavaScript, .NET, Win32, Win64 and Java environments. You will have the features, like multilevel bullets and lists, unlimited bullet symbols, bullet font as well as colour control, and other formats.