To answer this question, let’s first talk about the “early” history before the emergence of OLED displays. Around 2000, the display market began to evolve from CRT (cathode ray tube) to LCD (liquid crystal) technology. With its thin and light body, LCD Monitors quickly broke the ice in the DIY market and started the trend of upgrading CRT monitors. Technical disputes surrounding the response time, viewing angle, contrast, color accuracy,corning ces 2024 and screen uniformity of LCD displays have also begun to become the focus of the industry. To this day, the debate about which type of LCD display is better has not stopped. After OLED self-luminous display technology was applied to display products, this debate almost lost its meaning.

OLED displays have more professional colors

As a display device in a desktop scenario, the monitor plays an important interactive role in our learning and work. Therefore,oled panel manufacturers it is also the display device that most needs to ensure color professionalism. OLED self-luminous technology has excellent performance in evaluating color professionalism in terms of color accuracy, contrast and other dimensions.

The authoritative organization Intertek has tested and certified that the color fidelity (ColorFidelity) of the OLED self-illuminating display panel is 100%, which means that OLED TVs have the ability to accurately output any color. Color fidelity is what we call color accuracy. Being able to accurately output colors to users through the screen is the core capability of a display device at a professional level. In this regard, it is obvious that the performance of OLED displays has gained professional recognition.

In terms of screen contrast, the advantages of OLED displays are even more impressive. The key feature of OLED self-illuminating technology is that each pixel on the screen can be turned on and off independently, making it easy to achieve pure black. Compared with LCD screens, which require a constantly bright backlight module to provide light source, OLED's superior contrast performance is obvious. .

OLED displays provide a more perfect experience

The advantages in professional color capabilities are not enough to describe all the advantages of OLED displays. We set what are the differences between OLED and LCD in scenes such as movie watching and gaming.

Because it can achieve pure black, we can more accurately capture all the details in the picture when using OLED displays, which is crucial for watching movies or gaming. With rich and gorgeous colors and pure and transparent black, OLED displays can perfectly present every frame to the user in front of the display.

OLED gaming TVs are also very good. Among the best gaming TV products selected by CNET in 2023, LGC2, which uses an OLED self-luminous display panel, won the best honor.

OLED displays have a healthier experience

We have mentioned before that monitors are very important companions in our lives and work. Especially for office workers, they may face the monitor for more than 6 hours a day, which has a negative impact on the health properties of monitor products. Putting forward extremely high requirements, OLED, as the most advanced display technology, is also exemplary in terms of user health:

OLED technology's efforts in reducing blue light damage are also very effective. It has now obtained Platinum-level low blue light certification from ULSolutions, a world-renowned safety and quality certification company, and is evaluated as an eye-friendly and comfortable display.

In addition, with the imaging characteristics of OLED self-luminous screens, problems such as screen flicker and glare that affect user viewing comfort are also well controlled. OLED has obtained FlickerFree and DiscomfortGlare Free certifications issued by ULSolutions.

Technical investment in health care is more like a manifestation of humanistic conscience for a company. The relevant results are difficult to be as "obvious" as parameter indicators, and the impact on users is long-term and difficult to detect. For OLED For me, this is essential.

I believe that after reading the above content, you have found the answer to the question "What are the advantages of OLED displays?" OLED displays can provide more outstanding color effects and bring a more ideal user experience to all applications in desktop scenarios. At the same time, OLED displays The monitor is also a comfortable choice that can provide considerate care for the user's health.


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