Born with dry skin type? Congratulations I have something magical for you to follow. Caring for your skin always stands on number one. We try a lot of products to maintain healthy skin. Especially when we have dry skin we face a lot of problems like redness, dryness, acne, deep cuts, etc. Hence to avoid these what is needed is a healthy skincare routine.

Why skincare is important? 

Now the question being, why skincare is important? The obvious answer to this is to keep your skin healthy and glowing a good skincare routine is a must. Both in the morning and at night we must follow the fixed steps daily to maintain healthy skin. Your skin defines your personality hence maintains a healthy one.

Problems with dry skin 

Dry skin people face a lot of problems such as:

  • Feeling of tightness, after showering, bathing, or swimming 
  • Rough looking skin
  • Itching 
  • Cracks or fine lines
  • Ashy grey skin
  • Slight to severe flaking, scaling, or peeling skin
  • Redness 
  • Bleeding deep cracks 

NightSkincare Routine For Dry Skin

Surviving the whole day all time we have to pamper your skins is night. The night is also regarded as the skin healing time. As the skin gets a good 8 hours to recover and rejuvenate. The perfect night skincare routine for dry skin is listed below:

Once the sun says bye for the day, always wash your face at the day's end. You can remove the makeup through cleansing oil or an oil-based cleanser to remove the dirt and makeup. Steps to follow daily for a healthy skincare routine are:

Remove makeup and dirt 

Our skin experiences the deposits of dirt and makeup at the end of the day. Hence it is very essential to get your makeup off from your face before starting your skincare routine. For this purpose, an oil-based cleanser or cleansing oil will serve best. This will help in replenishing your dry skin before you wash it and will thoroughly dissolve the makeup. 

Cleansingyour face 

The next step after removing the makeup is washing your face. For this, you can use a water-based gentle cleanser that can serve you well for removing all the traces of the dirt. 

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating helps in removing the dead skin cells and helps In enhancing the skin glow and tone as well. Hence you must exfoliate your skin twice a week. This can be done by scrubbing your skin and hence making it smooth and soft. You can use an exfoliator or a moisturizing face scrub to exfoliate your skin. 

Using facial mist for hydration 

Say no to astringent lotions. You must prefer using a facial mist for your face. Mists help in keeping the skin hydrated and prepares it to absorb other skincare products.

Use hydrating serums 

Being rich in the concentration of the active ingredients that replenish your skin, serums helps in keeping your skin healthy. Serums containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E can work best for the dry skin type. They help in softening the skin and will give it a refreshing effect. 

Applynight cream or a sleep mask

To get your skin recovered and repaired while you sleep, a well moisturized night cream can do magic. Night creams are purpose-oriented hence choose for what you want to work on for instance you can choose anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, or other purposes night creams according to your needs.

Don’ts of a Dry skin

If you have dry skin avoid these mistakes:

Frequent cleansing 

Avoid cleaning your face too often as it can strip off the natural oils from your skin. You can use simple water cleaning if you feel the need for frequent cleaning.

Avoid harsh cleansers

Do not get attracted easily to the fragrance and texture of the cleanser instead look for a suitable one as a harsh cleanser can turn your skin drier.

Do not skip exfoliating

Removing the dead skin cells from the skin is a lot important as it can turn your skin dry, flaky, and grey. Hence try scrubbing with gentle hydrated scrubs.

Say no to matte makeup 

You must know what type of makeup will go best with your skin type. If you have dry skin try avoiding the matte makeup as it can give you dry, patchy, or cakey skin. Hence try using liquid makeup products. 


Hence to have glowing and healthy skins try following the skincare routine mentioned above. As “Healthy skin reflects Healthy you”.