Society Registration

A society is an affiliation or tie-up of several persons joined hands together using a mutual agreement to manage, and act on some common purpose. Chase the Vision for Society Registration Service Provider online in India and hold your Million Dollar Dream of Social Entrepreneurship with Kanakkupillai Professional Experts!

Significances of Society Registration

In India, Society Registration is done as per The Society Registration Act and lays down or prepares certain procedures for the purpose of society registration and operation. This act was launched with the purpose of increasing the legal conditions and specification of society registration for the furtherance of literature, science, fine arts or distribution of awareness for freehanded purposes which is good for the society. The society registration act, 1860 has been consented to by several state governments in India without or with adding some amendments.

The purpose of forming the Societies

Societies are governed for the advancement of science, literature or the fine arts and the dispersion of useful knowledge, political education or activities related to charitable purposes. As per Section 20 of the principal Act,  the following aims for which society registration can be done as per the Act:

  • Funding for charitable aid
  • Establishment of Military orphan funds
  • Societies which are authorized at the General Presidencies of India
  • Endorsement of Science, Fine Arts, Literature and so on
  • Diffusion or commands of useful knowledge,
  • Diffusion of political education,
  • Groundwork or maintenance of reading place or reading rooms or libraries,
  • Galleries of paintings or public museum,
  • Aggregations of innate history,
  • Works of Act,
  • Philosophical and Mechanical inventions,
  • Designs
  • Instruments