In the new era, marriage proposals are no longer exclusive to boys. Girls can also take the initiative to seize their own happiness when they meet a boy they like. So how do girls propose to boys?

Is there a high success rate for girls to propose to boys?

Under normal circumstances, 戶外證婚場地boys mostly propose to girls, so even if a girl plans to take this step and propose to a boy first, she will still have concerns. This is normal. So, is the success rate of girls proposing to boys generally high? Is this an act of price reduction?

1. Test attitude

If a girl decides to propose, it is best to test the boy's attitude to see if he is serious about his relationship with you. If he is someone who really wants to be together, then it doesn't actually matter who proposes. A girl's proposal is also for the boy. It shows that you value the relationship, but if the boy is not that serious about the relationship, the proposal will not have a positive effect, but will be embarrassing.

2. Cautious approach

If you are not sure about the other party's attitude towards this relationship, but still want to give it a brave try, it is best to choose the method of proposal carefully. The editor suggests that it is best to choose a low-key method, so that even if you are rejected, it will not be so embarrassing. If If a boy proposes in a big way, even if he temporarily agrees due to pressure, he will find a way to regret it later, which will lead to all the joy in vain.

What words do girls say to propose to boys?

1. Gentle and emotional proposal words

A girl's tenderness is her biggest advantage, so when proposing, you can also adopt a warm and romantic approach, just like Tong Nian, who is prepared to grasp the core of companionship and give Han Shangyan a different feeling:

2. Proposal words of true love

No matter what style of proposal, sincerity can never go wrong, especially now that most of the time it is boys who propose. When a girl bravely pursues love and proposes, there is no need for an overly complicated proposal. Simple sincerity is enough to move:

3. Domineering and firm proposal words

There is a gentle girl who is as gentle as water, and there is also a domineering and royal style, so a firm and courageous proposal can also bring different effects to a girl's proposal.

How can a girl propose in the simplest and most romantic way?

1. Food Proposal

Although the way of proposing with food is very old-fashioned, it is more romantic and practical. Therefore, proposing with food has always been an enduring way of proposing. The girls first discuss the details with the restaurant staff before inviting the boys to eat together. When the waiter comes with the dessert, the romantic lyrical music can start. When the boy eats the diamond ring, he will immediately know what you mean.

2. Comic Proposal

If you are a girl who is good at drawing, you can use your strengths to draw a comic book. The painting could be a Q version of you, slowly approaching, taking out a ring from your pocket, and asking, "Will you marry me?" Or it could be a cute puppy running towards the boy with a ring in its mouth, and a "Will you marry me" sign hanging around the puppy's neck.


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