We always love to take care of our cattle, we keep our cows and buffalos under the best shed, love our cattle properly, make sure that our livestock sleeps well and is fed well. But still when it comes to milk production, our farm animals don’t do well.

It’s not because of improper care; it’s because of improper fodder that doesn’t have all the nutrients to allow the cattle to produce high quality and quantity milk.

Today we will be talking about how to properly feed the cattle and other things required to increase milk productivity.

Factors that affect milk production

Good reproduction: -The average length of lactation must be minimal, if the reproductive health of the cow is good, the calving-to-calving interval is decreased which in turn allows the cow to fully utilize the diet and produce milk in high quantity and quality.

Good health: - To keep track of diseases that are common among herds such as ketosis is very important, negligence of sickness in herds can cause eating disorders, regular visits to vets wouldn’t hurt as much as losses due to lack in milk production and good health comes from good food, feed silage from the Best Silage Suppliers in India, because just like us, our cattle also need a healthy diet.

House conditions: -Just like we love to live in a clean house, our cattle too require a clean shed which is free from houseflies and other disease-causing insects, other than that, proper ventilation and brightness and good quality beds and stalls are also required along with 24/7 easy access to NutriMeal Silage and drinking water.

Compare the diet and performance: -We must make sure that we are not underfeeding or overfeeding our herd because both can lead to disastrous results, the diet must be adjusted according to how our herds perform in milk production.

Dry period must be taken seriously: - If the dry period is successful, then the milk production will be more, a good dry period is between 40-45 days, during this period good quality fodder or silage must be fed properly.

How good quality corn silage helps in better milk production?

High in energy: - Good quality silages are high in energy, out of which 25% is in the fermentation acid used, that means good quality silage uses good quality fermentation acid during manufacture. Thus, the more energy the cattle gets, the more milk it will produce.

Increases efficiency in protein metabolism: - Good quality corn silage also increases how efficiently the cattle can convert protein into milk, that’s why good quality silage is recommended that degrades less plant protein, so that herds can use more feed protein for direct milk production, thus increasing the milk production.