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The free reels feature in this amazing slot machine gets you to move your reels freely and you can easily make the best of the situation. You get to choose where and when you land on the magic portals and depending on the icons on the reels, you get to do something or use a special power to turn the reels. This free reels feature makes the entire game much exciting. If you land on an icon and your goal is to hit the jackpot, you can opt for an enhanced power that allows you to collect coins from the jackpot and once you have collected all the coins, the next icon will be the jackpot icon and you can collect the money from there. But if you want to see your virtual reels hit the jackpot, you should select the regular powers so that you can win the jackpot prize.

Now that this online slot machine has been modified with the help of the computer programs, this slot machine has the ability to increase your winning odds. This mobile game is one of those mobile casinos that provide the customers with free reels and other exciting offers. Mobile casinos are now becoming the favorites of the gaming lovers as they can enjoy the games even while they are travelling or staying at home. With the free slots and other exciting offers, more people keep visiting this amazing slot machine.

Apart from the regular jackpots and multi-spins, this amazing slot machine has special offers like a free spins 10 for every pull of the lever. If you want to win more money, then you can always try the bonus offers in the slots. Apart from the free pulls, this machine also provides the customers with free spins. With the free spins, you get additional credits to your bankroll on a regular basis. These credits can either be used for winning in the future or you can use them for topping the list in the regular slot tournaments.

One of the best features of this slot machine is its innovative double spinning feature. In this machine, a person can enjoy playing with two concurrently. For playing the double-spinning feature, a person needs to flip both the virtual reels simultaneously by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboards. Apart from providing the customers with double spins, this slot also provides the users with multi-spins. The customers can enjoy drawing lines for matching symbols on the left and right sides of the slot.