Appointment and Resignation of Director

It is believed that Directors are the brain and backbone of any company and they are the company head staff who control, manage and administer the whole business operations and services. The procedure for appointment or resignation of Director India or replacement of directors of the company takes place in two ways – either by the withdrawal of the present or by choosing the new director. Get the best brains, that is directors on board with a replacement of directors with Kanakkupillai.

Documents needed for Appointment and Resignation of Director

  • PAN Card of the Director to be designated
  • Photograph  of the Director to be designated
  • Proof of Residency such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport or Driving License of the director to be appointed
  • Digital Signature Certificate or DSC of the ongoing Director and for the Director to be eliminated or removed
  • Proof of dispatch
  • Identity proof such as Passport, Election card, Driving License or Aadhar card
  • Mobile number and email id of both personal and official of the Director.
  • It is mandatory to apostille all the needed documents apostilled if the Director is not a citizen of India.
  • Notice of resignation submitted with the company
  • If received acknowledgement of form.