Annual Compliance of a Pvt. Ltd. Company ROC filing/ ITR

Conflate in business ethics with expert guidance and help with Kanakkupillai for Private Limited Company Compliance. Keeping us with you is like - A separate expert team controlling all the Annual Compliance of a Pvt. Ltd. Company, ROC filing, ITR filing and its active status through the regular filing with MCA.

A Private Limited Company is a small business which is maintained privately, it is one of the highly recommended businesses in India especially for startups. The registration of the private limited company is governed by The Companies Act 2013 in India. According to the Companies Act, 2013, a minimum of 2 shareholders is needed to begin a private company, while a maximum of 200 members. In case a private limited company undergoes any financial risk, the personal assets of members or shareholders are not subject to sell, i.e. they ought to have limited liability.


A limited company allows limited liability to its proprietors and to its management team. But in the case of a public limited company, a firm can sell shares to investors which are considered as a beneficial act in raising the capital for the business. To establish a Public Limited Company, a minimum of three Directors are required and there is no cap on the maximum number of members. Importantly, it has more strict regulatory requirements when compared to a Private Limited Company.


Documents Required for Annual Filing of Company

  • Incorporation Document Certificate of Incorporation, PAN Card,  and MoA and AoA of Private Limited Company
  • Audited Financial Statements Financial Statements should be audited by the independent auditor
  • Board Report and Audit Report  Independent auditor’s report and Board report is also required
  • DSC or Digital Signature Certificate of Director Valid and active Digital Signature Certificate or DSC of one of the directors must be submitted