Knowing the diamond's price in a nutshell? It is hard to know the worth of diamonds. Several factors determine its value. A perfect diamond has an excellent cut, perfect shape, and the right color. The only thing that you have to analyze is its price.

What do you do to know the value of a diamond? Many people overpay in many retail shops since they do not know or rather do not have time to learn what makes a diamond valuable. There is a process that you must follow to access the value of a diamond. 

First things first, there are diamond price calculators find online. These allow you to punch on the basic data when it comes to diamonds. It is the information that helps people in calculating the right price for the diamonds. You should be aware that the process is not an easy task since there are various diamonds' nuances.

Here is some necessary information that should be at your fingertips in helping you know the diamond’s value.


The four c’s play a significant role in this that is the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. But, by considering all of them, you will realize the backbone determinants of many diamonds are determined by the carat weight and the pricing per carat. That means the ultimate price is the carat weight multiplied by the diamond price for every carat.

Diamond price per carat

And because the diamonds are priced per carat. That means if a single carat is $500, then the price of 0.5 carats will be $250. Nobody can tell the reason, but in the world of diamond1-carat will more if they are of the same cut, color, and clarity. This only varies if the three factors change.

The carat weight forces the diamond cutters to sacrifice farther to come up with a perfect cut so that they can save up the extra cost. In those ways, they are encouraged to have diamonds at only 1-carat. This is because many people rely on a smaller fraction of it. Seemingly, this depends entirely on diverse factors in the likes of diamond fluorescence.


Besides the carat weight, the four c’s are great determinants of the diamond’s pricing. That is if it an exceptional gem in terms of a nice cut in regards to the purpose. But, if you are going for a pricier diamond basing on one of these qualities, there is a need to ensure your diamond gemstone is certified. This can only be achieved via any laboratory, especially the popularly known one for certified loose diamonds.


Many retailers found online no longer worries about the way their retail shops do their things. That means the diamond sellers can afford lower prices for their diamonds. Therefore, it is always advisable to compare prices if you are buying your gems from online stores. There are many tools out there that are used in guessing the diamond prices. Also, talking to experienced jewelers and deeper research can significantly come through when it comes to knowing diamonds price.