Information about the Pokémon GO Lunar New Year event on February 2 is coming in anticipation. Gyarados and Tauros celebrate the Year of the Ox with Mega Evolve and timed research events, respectively. Lucky bonuses, red Pokémon, and Wild Bull Pokémon are all worth looking forward to.
From 10:00 am on February 9th to 1:00 pm on February 14th, it is the time for this event. Tauros is a regional Pokémon with shining possibilities. This three-tailed wild bull Pokémon will meet us at Timed Research. Red Pokémon will lay eggs in the wild, and Krabby, Magikarp, Miltank, and other Pokémon are waiting for you. The red wild and shiny Gyarados is coveted, will you be that lucky guy?
The encounter with Meowth, Alolan Meowth, Galarian Meowth, Meditite, and Miltank is the exclusive field research mission of this event. You can also go to the 5 km Eggs event of Pokémon with 12 zodiac signs related to the Chinese New Year. In addition to the one-star raids of Meditite, Carvanha, Duskull, Skorupi, and Darumaka, the three-star raids of Miltank, Octillery, Blaziken, Camerupt, and Absol, the five-star raids of Latios and Latias and the debut of Mega Gyarados in Mega Raids will be fans. Favorite. Mega Pidgeot and Mega Ampharos are also very popular.
The most important thing is the reward for this event. Give a gift to your friend, the gift will include more Poké Balls, and it will also ensure you are ready to participate in Kanto Tour activities. Remember to trade with your friends during team battles, and you will become Lucky Friends. Lucky dex additions can be done by trading Pokémon with not lucky friends. Your Pokémon will be more likely to become Lucky Pokémon.
The trading distance has also increased to 40 km. This is an opportunity for players to trade better, and you will be more likely to get Shiny Pokemon. Such a good event makes our 2021 even more worth looking forward to. In 2021, will continue to provide players with better Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale services. Just like Pokémon Go, I look forward to getting better with you in 2021.