Whenever one has to talk about some building process or a manufacturing process, inspection is something that is always done after production and fabrication. This is mostly done by a local enforcement officer.

The inspector is supposed to examine the durability and integrity of the finished product. The inspector is also responsible for giving his approval about the same or not. In case there are any modifications to be made, the inspector makes it clear during the whole process. However, the role of ‘welding inspection’ is much bigger than merely declaring the project as good or bad.

It is very critical to get an inspection done throughout the process: before, during, and after the weld. Many welds need a welding procedure specification (WPS), which is a set of instructions which are tailored to the pertinent industry that ensure adherence to the applicable welding code. All the inspectors much ensure that a weld follows a WPS when required, not following it would result in unsafe welds, dangerous conditions, or even lawsuits! 

There are a lot of benefits of having an in-house certified welding inspector. Some of them are: 


  1. It is good business sense - It is good for your business’s reputation to have manufacturing processes that are quality controlled. In-house welding inspectors provide that watchful eye. They help in the elimination of variability during the welding processes. This also helps in yielding a quicker result and reduces manufacturing costs.


  1. It is good quality sense - It is very important for you to check the quality of the inspector before you start. There is real value in having an expert review your project before you strike the foremost arc. An in-house welding inspector is in a position to raise caution in all those areas where it is required. An in-house welding inspector is bound to have experience of a lot of years. Your business can benefit from these years of experience.



  1. Guaranteed quality - An in-house welding inspector guarantees quality and efficiency. He will ensure that all your projects are tailored in accordance with the relevant welding codes, which in turn guarantees their quality. This also helps in getting the work done quickly. It leads to a minimization of risk and reduces inaccuracies. Hence, you can do much better with the resources that you already have.


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