In a divorce, the married couple must determine how they wish to divide their assets before their divorce can be finalized. Usually, this occurs through negotiations that both spouses' Divorce Lawyers handle. It is essential to note that only some property is considered dividable. The property that will not be divided in a divorce settlement is referred to as exempt property. In most cases, exempt property is solely possessed by one spouse or the other, making it exempt. In other words, the property that both spouses own jointly will be divided.


It is crucial to note that the property both spouses jointly own is not necessarily just the property that they acquire together during the marriage. In many cases, pre-marital property, such as inheritance, investments, and gifts, becomes joint property over the course of a marriage. Usually, the property becomes joint and, thus, nonexempt when both spouses pay taxes on it. As such, individuals who file joint taxes may be at risk of making their exempted property joint property. Due to this, what was once the sole possession of one spouse may be up for division in a divorce dispute.


There are certain ways that individuals may safeguard themselves from losing their exempted property. To learn more about how to do, these individuals are advised to discuss their cases with experienced divorce lawyers who have the knowledge and experience in this field. Many individuals will likely run into legal complications if they try to handle this task independently, so it is vital to seek proper legal advice to reduce the chances of making a serious legal error.


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