Brother printer is generally known for giving the best printout without any technical faults. but sometimes, the users might suffer from minor issues on it. 

brother printer offline is one of them, when an user tries to print something from their computer or smartphone, they get the offline error. even the printer is powered on but it keeps displaying the same error message. 

So here in this blog, I am sharing the quick techniques to fix such problems, you may apply it on your device, 

1. Whenever your device is showing offline error, first thing you need to do is, power cycle the brother machine and computer. after that reboot the router/ modem. 

2. Now inspect the network connection on the printer. it must have joined the wireless network, it didn't have joined your network, you may go to the wireless setup and join the network now. 

3. Connect the computer/ laptop to the local network. assure that your devices should be joining the same local network. 

4. Update the printer driver on your computer. you may do it automatically or manually. whichever method is convinience for you. you may use it. 

5. Please reset the wireless connection, do not change the newtwork connection. if your printer is still not working. please reset the network connection and then retry to access the network again. 

6. Sometimes, Brother printer goes offline because of the firewall or antivirus issue. so you should turn off the firewall for a minute. now enable the firewall. after that, try to access hte internet. it should be working fine for you. 

So these are the methods to fix the brother printer says offline problem. in case, if you are dealing with the printer or network issues. please visit the askprob blogs to get the assistance. i hope you will like this article.