CRMJetty, a global leader in CRM solutions and a subsidiary of Biztech Consulting and Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is excited to announce its strategic partnership with UpWing, a pioneer in innovative business solutions. This partnership is a significant step towards transforming business solutions in Europe, Brazil, and the PALOP community.

UpWing’s 360° approach blends visionary design, advanced communication, and effective sales strategies. Focused on AI-driven solutions and a data-centric mindset, UpWing is committed to leading its clients in technological advancement. This partnership aims to merge UpWing’s persona-centric strategies with CRMJetty’s CRM expertise, setting new benchmarks in business innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Joana Fonseca, Partner and Co-founder of UpWing, expresses her excitement about the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to announce UpWing’s strategic alliance with CRMJetty, where we’ll be a proud representative of their brand in Europe, Brazil, and the PALOP community. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with UpWing’s vision to revolutionize business solutions. Combining forces with CRMJetty, a pioneer in CRM, solidifies our commitment to providing unparalleled solutions to our customers. This partnership expands our reach and enables us to provide innovative CRM solutions that are tailored to the distinct requirements of the Europe and PALOP regions. At UpWing, we think this is an important step towards helping businesses grow, work better, and have more control over their operations. It’s a testament to our goal of advancing companies through strategic alliances, and we’re excited about the transformative results this partnership will have.”

This partnership exemplifies the companies’ dedication to advancing businesses through strategic collaborations and cutting-edge technology.

Maulik Shah, CEO of CRMJetty, said, “Our partnership with UpWing strategically broadens our global presence and reasserts our commitment to delivering premier CRM solutions. The blend of UpWing’s business solution expertise with our in-depth knowledge of CRM will allow us to offer unmatched value to our customers in these new markets. We are enthusiastic about this collaboration’s opportunities and are confident in our joint potential to foster business growth and operational excellence.”

This collaboration between CRMJetty and UpWing is set to revolutionize the business solution landscape. Their combined efforts will focus on providing efficient, effective, and tailored CRM solutions for our customers.

About CRMJetty:

CRMJetty, a Biztech IT Consultancy venture, specializes in customizable CRM portal solutions. They boast expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, & SuiteCRM and have delivered over 120 successful custom portal integrations. CRMJetty is dedicated to enhancing CRM capabilities, streamlining processes, and improving customer interactions while ensuring data security.

About UpWing:

UpWing is redefining business solutions with its innovative strategy. Focusing on AI and data-driven solutions and a client-centric philosophy, UpWing stands out in the business solutions sector. With a swift and agile execution, they deliver measurable results within tight timeframes, showcasing efficiency and effectiveness in project implementation.


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