CEO of Urban Company, Abhiraj Bhal in an interview with Startup India. Here Abhiraj Bhal talks about his journey of becoming the Urbanclap CEO & Founder. After completing his engineering from IIT- Kanpur & post-graduation from IIM– Ahmedabad & a 3-year long consulting stint with BCG he started CinemaBox, a movie streaming startup with his batchmate from IIT-Kanpur, Varun Khaitan. Post-meeting Raghav Chandra an alum of the University of California Berkeley. Abhiraj Bhal along with Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra started Urbanclap, which is now Asia’s largest home services marketplace. Abhiraj Bhal Urbanclap CEO and Co-founders renamed Urbanclap to Urban Company in early 2020. Urban Company now alongside several markets in India also operates in Sydney, Dubai, Singapore and looks to make an even stronger global footprint, etc.

Urban Company, a leading home service platform is like a services marketplace available on desktop and mobile devices which helps bridge the gap between customers and trained service professionals. It helps customers book reliable services from trained services professionals from the comfort of their homes. Urban Company is backed by tiger global, saif partners. Individuals like ratan tata and Kunal Bahl.

Abhiraj Bhal Urban Company CEO, Urban Clap CEO & Co-founder
Abhiraj Bhal Urban Company CEO, Urban Clap CEO & Co-founder
Abhiraj Bhal Urban Company CEO, (Urban Clap CEO & Co-founder) source- entrackr

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Urban Company CEO Abhiraj Singh Bhal: in my childhood, I don’t think I had a clear idea of what I wanted to be so I remember there was a phase when I wanted to be a photographer then there was a time when I wanted to be a fighter pilot, so all kinds of notions growing up. But I think by the time I was 15–16, it was clear to me that I want to try to get into IITs so that was I would say the first time I had a goal in my life when I was 15 years old 16 years old and the goal was to try to get into an IIT at that point of time.