Institution bus signal lights, ceasing arm, softened seats as well as partitions, rear wall safe practices doors, first-aid kits while in the bus are all out there.
In addition, features such as fire-resistant and flame-retardant inside, exceeds the safety design of national standard demands, which make the baby's school road safer.
MY PARTNER AND I. High-strength steel is specially adapted to match with dense and scientific skeleton structure, whose quality is beyond the average level of the industry. And this gold combo will effectively alleviate the extrusion deformation the result of vehicle collision and safeguard the safety of education children.
II. Body with immersion pickling, phosphating along with electrophoresis technology, completely solve the skeleton belonging to the anti-corrosion ability. Using high coating combined with low temperature baking progression, body paint strong and durable.
III. Customized couch Safety protection
 Environmentally friendly materials are adopted within the bus to reduce carbon dioxide, prevent fires and protect medical of school children. Not only this, the safety protection can also be improved from structure to help details. The students' seat gives you a safety buckle to stop children from falling during the play. Besides, the substantial back seat design, that children's favorite pattern etc.,fully meet the ergonomic design of the children, while ensuring safe practices, it also meets your comfort riding requests.
IV. STOP sign and notice light´╝îStriking yellow
 School bus warning lights are actually used to maintain road safety. When warning easy is flashing, all the cars around is going to be alert, knowing that the teachers bus is nearby. And other drivers will slow down or stop their vehicle until the teachers bus leaves. The body color is striking yellow this means the warning and attention in the traffic sign. Cooperating having other body's all-round warning devices, it meets the warning standards with the special school bus. Your driving safety is tremendously improved.
V. Monitoring method, security protection
 The completely vehicle monitoring system (front doorway on-board camera, in-vehicle surveillance camera, 360-degree panoramic view system) monitors the front and rear of that bus inside and outside.
VI. Fire extinguisher, Safety hammer will assist escape
 The school bus features two fire extinguishers to be a standard, dry powder hearth extinguisher or foam spice extinguisher, which are utilized to prevent various types associated with fires. Windows of the school bus are enclosed type to stop children from falling around when playing from the bus. And there is a safety hammer beside each window which can often smash the window in order to escape under emergency.
VII. STOMACH MUSCLES, also known as anti-lock brake program, ensures that each wheel brake incorporates a constant and consistent brake clearance, making the brakes in the vehicle more sensitive, healthy and effective, and shortening the particular braking time.

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