Temporary building aluminum frame polygon sports tent
 for outdoors snooker court
 Last month, we supported 20X35m whitened PVC roof big polygon sports tent being a outdoors temporary building, this polygon roof sports tent is for tennis court.
Using polygon roof shape, the particular inner space is large enough for tennis games and regular practice place.
And the size could possibly be modified according to how many courts you have to cover.
LP Outdoors could support an array of sports tent and produce professional recommendation to buyers.
If you need almost any assist, please feel free to contact us.
UV protective short-lived building aluminum middle religious organization event tent
 for outside the house 300 people activity
 At some point people need a quiet and airy environment for church event, and then many people will choose temporary creating party tent for chapel activity.
As a skilled event tent manufacture and also designer, LP outdoors supports a group of solutions to our clients.
Only our clients give us the number of persons will be accommodated around or ground size that people could suggest proper get together tent size for them.
We support party tent for church event, it haven't any legs inside, the ground could used 100%, so that they can set up more chuch chairs along with the party tent eave might hang light and filling.
If in hot summer season, the party tent side walls could close and set an ac inside, more comfortable regarding event. If in excellent weather, the party tent sidewalls could open to see outdoors landscape.
25x60m Sports activities tent temporary stadium developing
 Temporary structure curved arena tent is special style and design for wideness area, LP Outdoors curved structure temporary building can provide you with a perfect gathering experience
 The fabric tent could be serve as concert affair and athletic activity, plus it must satisfied with 3 requirement, the first is firm and also the second is capacious, your third one is height
 For instance LP Outdoor curved system temporary marquee for concert event can meet equally requirement, it can be used in winter with heavy snowfall
 Also we can guarantee the safety of large curved tent with regard to sports court, the leading height of curve shape is special of radian, regardless of be ball kind regarding sports activity, still be flat soil can be satisfyof 1 by 1
 Also our curved structure can is usually customized size to meet your personal area
 If you have more tent information to get projects, our professional team will give you good total solution.

 temporary building product video