A birth certificate is one of the important personal documents that an individual requires for verification and various official purposes abroad. It is an important document that you need to apply for a passport, driving license, marriage certificate, etc. To use your Indian issued birth certificate abroad, you need to attest the document from the concerned state department and Ministry of External Affairs in India.  

Birth certificate attestation helps to legalize the document for using it abroad for various purposes. A birth certificate is needed if you are immigrating abroad with your family. It is also needed if you need to get citizenship for children born in a foreign country. Birth certificate attestation is needed for getting admission to foreign universities and schools.  

The process of attesting a birth certificate for a Kuwait visa from India is as follows:

Notary attestation: The birth certificate is legalized by a Notary first and after that, the document is attested by the state Home department. The document is attested from the respective state Department.

MEA attestation: The birth certificate is attested by the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA].

Embassy attestation: After MEA attestation, the document is attested by the Kuwait embassy in India.

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