The “Westworld” actor James Marsden has revealed that he had to pass the offer of starring in “Magic Mike” because he lacked confidence.

And nobody is disappointed with that. In fact, fans of the actor are quite happy that he never did that. The film was a stripper genre smash, and it starred Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in the leading roles.

“The Vow” actor Channing Tatum and “True Blood” actor Joe Manganiello impressed all the women and the girls in “Magic Mike,” but now it has been revealed that another good-looking actor James Marsden was set to be a part of it before he pulled himself out.

As it turns out, James Marsden appeared for an interview on “The Late Late Show” (James Corden) earlier this week and revealed that he had to pass on the offer to act in the drama-comedy “Magic Mike,” which ultimately starred True Detective actor Matthew McConaughey, and The Sinner star Matt Bomer in the leading roles, of course, along with Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello.

He explained that he had overgrown fear inside of him that he would be so bad in the movie that his part will be thrown out in the editing along with his dialogues, and ultimately he will just be a junior artist running around the set. The actor, who has also worked on films like “Dead to Me” and “Mrs. America,” has now expressed his regret on “The Late Late Show” and said that he made a mistake back in 2012. He added that the film was Soderbergh’s creation, and he should have just done it.

However, even if James Marsden feels that he should have got on board and had let himself have fun on the set of “Magic Mike,” he knows for a fact that there are many fans of his and also his loved ones who think that he did make the right decision.

Many of his friends and family consider his decision to be wise because they just never want to see a hunk-like figure of Marsden ever like that in a movie. He revealed to Corden that his family members were relieved that he never took such a decision.

Magic Mike was a comedy and drama film which was loosely based on Channing Tatum’s own experiences in America as a stripper. Steven Soderbergh directed the film, and apart from being positively rated, the film did manage to attain $167 million in the global theaters.

The sequel of the film titled “Magic Mike XXL,” was released in 2015.

Nobody reckons James Marsden should regret his decision as not being part of “Magic Mike” barely scratched his career. He was a major part of the two seasons of Jonathan Nolan’s HBO show “Westworld.” He now stars in the CBS All Access show “The Stand,” which is an onscreen adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. King’s 1978 novel was a best-seller, and it has been widely read throughout the world.

Marsden also revealed in the interview that, in some sense, the series is a commentary on the current socio-political landscapes.  

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