There is a lot to consider when buying or maintaining an aquarium. The biggest mistake that can be made is to purchase an aquarium without thinking about very important topics. Consequence? Fish that die, a container full of algae, aquarium plants that cannot be burned and, above all, a lot of frustration. And to think that you can have 100% less frustration and 100% more fun by thinking about what you are going to do afterwards. This article is going to help you!


Do you want to buy an aquarium but you still have doubts? Then start with a good all in 1 aquarium package like this one . And provide an aquarium start-up product. I myself have very good experiences with this Bacto aquarium starter . Then it must go well!


In this blog you will get an overview of the most important topics and you will be directly referred to the right blog with the right solutions. All that free knowledge is already there, now it has yet to be found! We start with three questions, each of which addresses the main themes. This gives you the following overview:


Which parts do you 100% need for your aquarium?

In addition to aquarium water, you cannot escape the following essential attributes:


What's worth considering for your aquarium?

In addition to the essential parts of your aquarium, there are many elements worth considering:



What are the biggest aquarium challenges?


Buy an aquarium? Read this before you buy the aquarium

Well, there you are with all the aquarium knowledge. Now is the time for action, now is the time to buy! And yet… yet that doubt strikes again. And that little voice that is now starting to ask questions is rightly so.

Let me take you through the final considerations to be made before purchasing an aquarium.

Question 1: Do you want to buy a small or large aquarium?

I am often asked this question. And in particular whether a small variant is a better choice than a large aquarium. I myself am a fan of large aquariums for the simple reason that when push comes to shove, they require less maintenance.


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