Plastic pipe fittings are generally made of synthetic resin and added stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, etc. Before plastic pipe fittings are produced, the plastic pipe fitting injection mould is the first step. So how do we maintain injection pipe fittings?

Daily maintenance of plastic pipe fitting mold: various moving parts such as a thimble, row position, guidepost, guide sleeve, refueling, mold surface cleaning, and water drainage, which are maintained every day during mold production.

Regular maintenance of plastic pipe fitting molds: regular maintenance includes cleaning of exhaust grooves in addition to daily maintenance, air trapping and black spots and exhausting, and correction of damage and wears parts.

Regardless of the workpiece, you need to remember to maintain it regularly. After use, you should also pay attention to cleaning, such as thin wall plastic mold . After use, remember to clean the mold and various utensils and keep them properly.